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Recommendations for a good family board game, please?

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Nothavingfunrightnow Tue 09-Dec-14 12:45:07

We have monopoly which I detest but will play under protest.

I was thinking of cluedo? What is Balderdash like?

Any other suggestions? Age range for Christmas is a 10 yr old, 41 yr old, 38 year old and two old fogeys in their 80s! smile

TheKnackeredChef Tue 09-Dec-14 13:08:58

We quite often sit down with the DCs and their GPs to play a board game. DP is a bit of a gamer geek so he knows all the really good but slightly obscure ones.

One we all enjoy is Timeline. It's really simple - you're just putting events in the order they happened. Which doesn't sound terribly entertaining until you realise that your 10 year old's knowledge of Hortible Histories is enabling him to kick your arse.

You should also give Forbidden Island a try. It's a cooperative game, so you're all playing together to collect four artefacts and escape on the helicopter before it sinks into the water. It's good fun and easy to pick up and it's a really good bonding experience, especially when you beat the game as a team.

If you want a more mainstream one, I'd always recommend Articulate or Pass The Bomb. Both fast moving and get you thinking.

Lovage Tue 09-Dec-14 13:09:12

Settlers of Catan. Carcassonne. Britannia. I don't like board games, but those ones are almost tolerable, with enough alcohol! All suitable for adults and a 10 year old.

bozo14 Tue 09-Dec-14 14:01:13

Cranium is our fav. It has questions, acting, drawung etc a big range. Also scattegories is good x

bakingtins Tue 09-Dec-14 14:13:44

Not strictly speaking a broad game, but Qwirkle is v good for all ages.

MrsHowardRoark Tue 09-Dec-14 18:18:37

Creationary is awesome if you like making things with Lego.

merlehaggard Tue 09-Dec-14 18:27:17

We really like cluedo.

BunnyBunnyMooseMoose Tue 09-Dec-14 18:43:48

I'll just copy-paste my previous comment grin
Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride (the European map is easier) and Settlers of Catan are the classic gateway games. Some of our other favourites:
King of Tokyo
Steam Park

And if you like cooperative games (you're all trying to win together against the game):
Pandemic is the classic
Forbidden Desert is better than Forbidden Island imo
Castle Panic is okay

You can look them up on BoardGameGeek and they're usually available from Boardgameguru or Amazon.

Any of these are so much better than Monopoly grin

Middleagedmotheroftwo Tue 09-Dec-14 18:47:10

I don't think you can really beat snakes and ladders!

CockBollocks Tue 09-Dec-14 18:53:45

We like the family edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Cardilover Tue 09-Dec-14 18:57:32

Another vote for cranium. And the rizla / celebrity name game!

BunnyBunnyMooseMoose Tue 09-Dec-14 19:03:25

Snakes and ladders?!
Nooo. Just no. <faints>
At least it's faster than Monopoly I guess grin

tallulah Tue 09-Dec-14 19:08:14

221b Baker Street is very entertaining

Havingabeer Tue 09-Dec-14 19:10:25


AMerryScot Tue 09-Dec-14 19:12:10

Ticket to Ride

Oldieandgoldie Tue 09-Dec-14 19:22:10

Cranium....with play-doh! smile

Skiingmaniac Tue 09-Dec-14 19:22:51

Balderdash - we love it!!!!

VinoEsmeralda Tue 09-Dec-14 19:27:27

Logo game, rummicub and risk all popular here

Harrietspy Tue 09-Dec-14 19:27:43

Ticket to ride!

Magicpinkshadow Tue 09-Dec-14 20:02:12

I was never one for games much uno was my limit!! but I bought labyrinth last year and it has been played lots all year, my is all ds 11, 7, 6 and dd 3 (with a little help!) I also challenge my do to a game in the evenings when the kids are in bed!!!

I have bought the logo game and forbidden island for us all for Christmas so we can change it up a bit!

vdbfamily Tue 09-Dec-14 20:04:29

I have bought Labyrinth for 3 families this year because we play it all the time.
We also play Rummikub alot and it is great for all ages.

Greymalkin Tue 09-Dec-14 20:10:20

Outrage! Great game about breaking into the Tower of London to steal the Crown Jewels.

There is a special edition of the game which costs ££££££££ where the pieces are proper gold, silver and jewels. I would try amazon first though....

3bunnies Tue 09-Dec-14 20:14:04

Would labyrinth not be too easy for a 10yr old and adults? Ours all enjoy it but they are all under 10. As an adult I don't find it a challenge at all. Forbidden Island is more popular here than Forbidden Desert.

Rush Hour is a solo game but it doesn't stop everyone butting in with suggestions! My dc enjoy it and it could be passed around.

I like the sound of Timeline though.

EmGee Tue 09-Dec-14 20:17:24

What about Blokus?

fuzzpig Tue 09-Dec-14 20:21:11

Every time I read one of these threads I think I can't possibly read about any games if haven't already heard of... Each time I'm wrong! <off to google> thanks

We love doodle dice but it can be hard to get hold of.

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