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Small gift for 12yo boy

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AugustaGloop Mon 08-Dec-14 15:47:46

I am seeing some friends over the Christmas period and we generally buy small gifts for each other's DCs when we meet at that time of year. One of the friends that will be there this year is not someone we normally see at that time of year but would still like to have a small gift to give to her DCs particularly because I will be giving to others. I do not know her DCs very well (when I see that friend for some reason it has tended to be in the evenings without DC) so need fairly generic gifts for a 12 yo boy and a 13/14 yo girl. I have found the girl very easy to buy for (maybe because I have girls) but am struggling to think of something for the boy.
Any ideas? £5-7 range. thanks.

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