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twitching badly......

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noideawhattoget Mon 08-Dec-14 15:14:13

i got the kids christmas presents out to sort today, and it doesnt look like very much. the younger two have more, and the biggest presents but not the most expensive. ds1's pile is pitiful. he has
a gaming pc which dp has built for him using some new and some secondhand parts.
2 dvd's
2 pairs of jeans
an xbox game
a cineworld gift box.

ds2 has
a 3ds
3 ds games
a marvel book
2 spiderman figures
a dvd
an xbox game and a dressing gown

dd1 has
a bike
a mega toothless
a dvd
a ds game
a cd
some books
a mosaic kit
a kite
a moshi gumball thingie

dd2 has
a bike
a dvd
some books
a torch
a lego friends set
a ds game
some earrings.

i feel i need to buy more, but i have no idea what. i know i still have a few stocking fillers to buy which is fine, but i want to bulk it out a little more.

NorwaySpruce Mon 08-Dec-14 15:21:37

I think you might have lost perspective, a gaming PC is a long way from pitiful fgrin. It is definitely on a par with the bikes etc the others have.

You could always buy a few bits like the others have, torches, a rubiks cube,
New wheels for a scooter (if he has one) etc.

Or depending on his age, Minecraft or Hobbit Lego.

noideawhattoget Mon 08-Dec-14 15:36:07

he is nearly 16. its not that its a pitiful gift, just that his pile of things is so tiny

AugustaGloop Mon 08-Dec-14 15:40:14

I twitched yesterday. It was a pointless twitch because we will have relatives staying with us from overseas and their DC will not be getting a huge pile (partly transport, partly budget, partly the way Christmas is done where they are from) so was planning to rein in on what my DC get on the day out of fairness to their cousins. I must keep reminding myself of this if the temptation strikes again!

curiousgeorgie Mon 08-Dec-14 15:53:46

That's an amazing gift!

I think all your piles sound great... If you're worried you could always bump up the look of it with selection boxes wink

crazykat Mon 08-Dec-14 16:05:34

we have similar with dsd who's a lot older than our dcs. We tell her that they've all had the same spent on them even though hers looks less as hers are much more expensive eg £60 for a hoodie for her against £20 for dd1.

At 16 he's old enough to understand that his presents cost more and are smaller than those his siblings get. As you don't know what else to get him it's a pretty good sign that what he has got is perfectly fine even though it looks less.

WellTidy Mon 08-Dec-14 16:10:38

Your choices sound great, for all the children.

Try and sit on your hands! I twitched last week, and I wish I hadn't. It was only a minor twitch though, in fairness smile. I bought both DSs socks in mothercare for their stockings (peppa pig for DS2, paddington ones for DS1). Except that I've now got their stockings down from the attic and I realise that I can't actually fit everything I had previously bought for them in there in any event, let alone more socks!

noideawhattoget Mon 08-Dec-14 16:59:10

they will all be getting selection boxes from their nan. its actually ds2's pile which looks the smallest as his main gift, despite costing as much as the girls bikes, is only a small box compared to a big box, and bikes. they do all have santa sacks which contain an annual, magazine/comic and other random bits of stuff.

temporaryusername Mon 08-Dec-14 22:20:29

Get the inflatable dinosaur and wrap it inflated fgrin!

fuzzpig Mon 08-Dec-14 22:43:07

I'm dreading the twitch when we start getting stuff out to wrap. No idea if the piles are even. Although TBH I don't think the DCs themselves would even notice!

Neeko Mon 08-Dec-14 23:23:58

Put the DS inside a bigger box with a Christmas helium balloon and wrap it. Then your son's pile looks bigger, plus he has the fun of opening the box and having the balloon pop out.
I'll be doing this to even out present piles this Christmas.

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