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Christmas radio station?

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workatemylife Mon 08-Dec-14 10:46:00

A couple of years ago we had a Christmas radio station playing on our digital radio. I think it was called Xmas FM - might be wrong - and it played Christmas carols and other festive music all day. I can't find it now though! Does anyone know of something similar, preferably digital radio based rather than via a PC or tablet, and at what frequency? The DCs (actually, all of us!) used to love listening and singing along while we were getting dressed and ready in the morning, with the added benefit of 'can you get ready before the end of carol X?' to hurry them along a bit wink

BiddyPop Mon 08-Dec-14 12:46:45

I listen to Merry Christmas Radio on Live365. Live365 is an American internet radio provider, and they have hundreds of stations, dozens of Christmas ones included!!

MCR has a nice mix of country, rock, classical and mainstream but very little pop type stuff.

But some of the other ones are covering all sorts, while others are very specific in their playlist. (I don't know how good the others are - MCR is on all year and I like Jayish the Elf as one DJ, so that's my pick always).

KatoPotato Mon 08-Dec-14 16:57:14

SmoothXmas is live on digital now, rescan to find it!

TheOnlyPink Mon 08-Dec-14 17:08:54

Christmas fm is an Irish charity station, it's different frequencies around Ireland if you are here! It's on internet and through an app too, but don't think it's a digital station.

northernmummeh Mon 08-Dec-14 17:10:05

I haven't looked this year but 2 years I had Xmas fm as my alarm on my radio and it drove DH potty cos it was the same stuff every morning. I loves it. Last year it wasn't there just smooth christmas which wasn't the same.

annabanana19 Mon 08-Dec-14 22:35:54

I love smooth xmas!

VillageFete Mon 08-Dec-14 23:42:43

BiddyPop I love MRC, I also like the MMC forums.

workatemylife Tue 09-Dec-14 00:06:30

Thank you very much! northern my DH hated it too, but I thought it was a fab start to the day! I shall go looking for Smooth Xmas and for MRC as replacements in the morning.....

Janet12Conger Tue 09-Dec-14 11:34:38

I too like this type programs started in any radio station, but I never heard about the programs that you are telling, may be that program was closed or again started after christmas.

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