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Loom bands - what to actually buy?

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catsofa Sun 07-Dec-14 21:41:51

DSD (9) likes loom bands. She has a loom and will probably get some sort of loom band thing for xmas, just wondering if I can contribute meaningfully to this craze.

If I got some type of loom band thing for a smaller present, what exactly should I get? Just packs of nice colours? Special bands like glow in the dark or glitter? Or is it more useful to supplement the big sets with extra joining-together bits, or novelty other stuff like beads to add to the bands etc?

I've not done any loom banding with her so not got a feel for what you tend to run out of first or what might be interesting. All I've done is pick the bloody broken ones up out of the carpet, the sofa, the telephone, the computer keyboard, my dinner...

groovejet Sun 07-Dec-14 21:53:38

Best thing I got for dd was a storage chest with compartments and space underneath for the actual loom, filled it with different looms including a few of the scented and glitter ones and also upgraded her hook to a metal one. She loved it and it means that I find considerably less of the looms all over the house.

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