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I need to declutter but I'm struggling.

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Whowillsaveyoursoul Sun 07-Dec-14 11:10:22

The main reason I'm struggling is because I can remember ds playing with things and the memory then makes it hard for me to get rid of the toy. We can't have more children even though we desperately wanted them so I feel like I'm getting rid of any residual hope of a miracle.

However we are drowning in stuff and with christmas looming I really need to get rid of some things (a lot of things really). Even books ds has outgrown I find hard to get rid of. I have given some things to friends and bits to the charity shops but it's a mere drop in the ocean really.

TimelyNameChangey Sun 07-Dec-14 11:16:14

Oh I'm the same. But I recently had to move from a house to a flat so was forced.

What I did was to allow myself one box of baby memories. I made myself choose one baby outfit and shoes and three little toys to put in it.

The rest of the clothes I'd kept I made into a patchwork quilt which I prefer to keeping bags of tiny clothing! At least the quilt is out there to see and enjoy.

The toys....I reminded myself that things are just that....things...they're not the person.

I told myself how many toys the DDs will have in the future and that I need to make room for them to donating the old ones.

If you find it very hard, you could take photographs of the special ones and make an album of memories...write a line by each..."DS's favourite ball" etc. That's far more storable and the memories are protected.

WaitingForMe Sun 07-Dec-14 11:18:53

Photograph them and write your favourite memory on the picture/file.

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