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Riddle me this one then.....

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DeadCert Sat 06-Dec-14 20:20:57


My Stepmum. What can I get her?

She doesn't like beauty, personal grooming, smellies. She doesn't wear jewellery. She's a pot of Nivea and a flannel kind of woman. She doesn't like clothes. She doesn't like handbags or shoes. She doesn't like magazines. She doesn't like cooking. She doesn't like gardening apart from a swift mow of the lawn, general tidy up. She reads but she reads allllll the time and is often re-reading books so I honestly wouldn't know where to start. She doesn't watch TV or films. She doesn't particularly like chocolates. She doesn't like music but does like Radio 4. Ugh. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend more than £15 but without sounding awful, she really is rather beige.

I have got a couple of photos of the DC's for her, any other ideas?

CaptainAnkles Sat 06-Dec-14 20:23:00

Warm cosy slipper boots. Who doesn't like having nice warm feet in the winter?
Does she read normal books or does she have a Kindle? Because an Amazon gift card is good for Kindle owners.

Furball Sat 06-Dec-14 20:27:04

Leather gloves M & S

youbethemummylion Sat 06-Dec-14 20:28:41

A wooly hat, gloves and scarf set so she can be cosy in winter

ILoveSimonCowell Sat 06-Dec-14 20:29:54

A pot of Nivea and a flannel!
M&S vouchers (she must need underwear sometimes!)
Fluffy slippers
Hot water bottle

DeadCert Sat 06-Dec-14 20:31:04

She just reads normal books, mainly crime ones.

I don't think she wears slippers, will check out the gloves. Thanks, any more suggestions?!

woowoo22 Sat 06-Dec-14 20:33:33

Book token

florentina1 Sat 06-Dec-14 20:35:06

A pretty bone china cup and saucer or coffee mug.

Olivo Sat 06-Dec-14 20:35:23

Get your dad to buy her a kindle then you buy her amazon vouchers! I was an avid book reader, never thought I'd get on with a kindle, but love mine smile

crazybutterflylady Sat 06-Dec-14 20:35:52

How about a nice christmassy bouquet? Flowers are always lovely to get.

soaccidentprone Sat 06-Dec-14 20:35:57


Nice socks or tights

Furball Sat 06-Dec-14 20:36:21

book light

M & S do a really nice 'Christmas Cake Liquer' - it's on offer at moment about £8

She doesn't like chocolates, but would she like other sort of sweets, or fancy biscuits?

How about a nice tea and china cup

bringonyourwreckingball Sat 06-Dec-14 20:36:42

If she likes radio 4 maybe a cd of one of the shows? I'm hoping someone will get me the complete Cabin Pressure set.

thatsn0tmyname Sat 06-Dec-14 20:38:29

Waitrose are doing a nice Christmas plant arrangement for £15. That plus kids pics and some cosy slippers = job done.

DeadCert Sat 06-Dec-14 20:38:52

Ooh I love all these suggestions but I can't help thinking they're all wasted on her!

Am googling hat and scarf sets, thanks all!

Prizepudding Sat 06-Dec-14 20:39:08

Nice diary or photo calendar.
Book light
Nice pen
Get kids to paint mug or other item at pottery cafe type place

clairemum22 Sat 06-Dec-14 20:41:46

David sedaris book/audio book. He's a funny guy who has slots on radio 4 sometimes.

BikeRunSki Sat 06-Dec-14 20:43:13

Radio 4 book

DeadCert Sat 06-Dec-14 20:45:19

The Radio 4 boom could be a winner, thanks bike!

Thanks all!

Sagethyme Sat 06-Dec-14 20:47:29

Has she an ipad? In which case itunes voucher? So she can downt load books? A subscription to the 'week' ? Growing bulbs?
Good luck, hope you find something

DeadCert Sat 06-Dec-14 20:49:03

She doesn't have an ipad or owt, what's The Week?

BikeRunSki Sat 06-Dec-14 20:53:59

Week is a newspaper/magazine that collates interesting and important news stories of the previous week. It comes out once a week. To be honest, if your step mum is addicted to R4, then she probably is pretty on top of the news before it's a week old.

DeadCert Sat 06-Dec-14 20:54:48

She is a massive know it all, yes. wink

ThisBloodyNameBusiness Sat 06-Dec-14 20:56:51

Book about Woman's Hour

SparklyReindeerShit Sat 06-Dec-14 20:57:22

What about a nice blanket/throw for when she's reading?

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