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What are you getting your 15 year old boy? - or 14, or 16, just roughly that age will do.

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Vitalstatistix Sat 06-Dec-14 17:57:37


mine wants gta and that's a big hell no from me
as are all the other totally inappropriate games he wants.
everything I am happy for him to have, he doesn't want.
I'm about two strops about the unfairness of life in general and me in particular away from lump of coal territory.

What do yours like or want?

JetJungle Sun 07-Dec-14 08:04:24

I avoid buying PS4 games, as these cause arguments in our household.

This year DS (16) is getting:
Bowers and Wilkin headphones
A new hoody
Some sugru
New trainers
A polo shirt
A Fred Perry barrel bag

I still need to find:
A couple of books
Some chocolatey treats
A few stocking fillers

Last year we got him a gorgeous guitar (which is his pride and joy).

I think teenage boys are the hardest to buy presents for OP, so good luck!

arlagirl Sun 07-Dec-14 08:10:38

Ds 15 has requested GTA. Not a chance.
He's getting Adidas trainer/shoes
Fred Perry polo, hairdryer, jumper, aftershave , £100 in cash and a stocking.

Beehatch Sun 07-Dec-14 08:14:50

I've got my 14yo nephew a really cute tiny remote control quadcopter. It really is dinky, has LED lights on, can fly inside or out. And Argos had it for �20 (reduced from �30, thus bringing it in budget). Can you tell I'm really pleased with this one smile

arlagirl Sun 07-Dec-14 08:17:10

Got that last year beehatch ...great fun. A big hit.

Nightboattocairo Sun 07-Dec-14 08:20:08

15 yr old ds, iPhone. That's it from us. Jack wills gym top, posters framed, Adidas gazelles. He said don't get me stuff I don't need just to open. Bless him. <grin>

RudyMentary Sun 07-Dec-14 08:20:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bowlersarm Sun 07-Dec-14 08:22:05

Three teen boys here, and things we are getting them include:

FIFA for ps4
Battlefield 4 for x box
Manga books
T-shirts (chosen by ds3)
Identity bracelet (ds3 aged 14 loves wearing bracelets and I've got him a quite nice mans identity bracelet as a surprise)
Gift cards
iPod music thing
Lynx etc gift boxes

I still have quite a lot more to get.

RudyMentary Sun 07-Dec-14 08:23:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

petitdonkey Sun 07-Dec-14 08:24:45

I have a ten year old asking for 'Halo Reach' shock (He is absolutely not getting it!!) How do you get around the whole 'my best mate is allowed to play it'???? I feel like such a mean mummy but I see from your GTA experiences, I need to brace myself for this going on and on!!

Susiesue61 Sun 07-Dec-14 08:30:59

Mines 15 and getting an Xbox one. He is paying half of it though. Then books, pyjamas, chocolate, smellies, Doritos,and a game for the Xbox. So hard to buy for, and his sister is so easy!

Livvylongpants Sun 07-Dec-14 08:37:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheWordFactory Sun 07-Dec-14 08:38:31

DS 15 has asked for a few games for his PS and that's it!

We've also got him :
A telly for his room.
Footie boots.
Dressing gown and slippers.
A gopro camera to attach to his bike.

Livvylongpants Sun 07-Dec-14 08:41:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Purpleflamingos Sun 07-Dec-14 08:43:13

Two pairs of expensive trainers and a replacement charger for his tablet. A cheap car to tinker with (keys will be hidden).

Pantah630 Sun 07-Dec-14 08:51:50

DS2 very nearly 15

Bento Box with accessories and cookbook
Hardback LOTR books
Divergent books
Muji pencils
Moleskine notebooks/sketchbooks
Fat face pj bottoms and tshirts

Pantah630 Sun 07-Dec-14 08:54:14

livvy DS is 15 on NYE, I've got to split the haul above and add some manga books and posh chocolate.

Livvylongpants Sun 07-Dec-14 09:01:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Sun 07-Dec-14 09:30:56

New "park" skis and boots from us.

Hoodie, boxers, a new bike wheel & tyres from Santa.

Fedupnagging Sun 07-Dec-14 09:50:04

I know exactly where you are coming from Vital. Ds3, 16, is a tad miffed I won't shell out for an iPhone contract at £25+ per month. I don't even have an iPhone!

Ds3 is getting
Topshop fishtail Parker
Topshop l/s top
Headphone/microphone thing for ps4
Calvin kleins
Deodorant/body spray/shower gel- FCUK
Hair putty

This is on top of a football season ticket for a premier league team that was a joint birthday/Xmas preset.

And he still thinks life is unfair fshock

Bonsoir Sun 07-Dec-14 09:54:49

Both DSSs (17 and 19) want contributions towards new iPhones. DSS1 has two iPhones to replace so I don't think he'll be getting anything else! DSS2 will get t-shirts (he likes very original ones, no brands).

december12 Sun 07-Dec-14 10:00:20

Secondhand guitar, some kit he wants for cadets, headphones and books.

BestIsWest Sun 07-Dec-14 10:14:30

Tickets for Slipknot, several PS3 games, Y the last man comic book, Doc Martens, Marvel encyclopaedia,
Batman PJs, He has asked for aftershave but he's not sure which one yet.

Oh and a green canvas messenger bag with buckles whic I have yet to locate.

Few other stocking fillers, chocolate etc.

wfrances Sun 07-Dec-14 10:22:45

ds 16 wants
xbox one
fifa 15
xbox live
xbox points
football kit
walking dead boxset
game of thrones boxset
new hobbit dvd
he hates smellies and clothes

fairyfuckwings Sun 07-Dec-14 10:29:38

I managed to get a big tv on argos "black friday" for his main present.

Other things are:
Foo fighters t shirt
kaiser chiefs tshirt
inbetweeners 2 dvd
Abercrombie hoody
dressing gown
model kits (don't know if he's too old for these though!)
Minion usb stick

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