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I haven't started Christmas shopping yet.

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LynetteScavo Fri 05-Dec-14 18:37:05

Yes, I realise it's weird

I haven't even bought any stoking fillers....I usually do that through the year.

We are hosting Christmas this year, so we'll need new table decorations, and although I've seen some nice stuff in the shops, I can't quite commit.

I think I'm scared of over spending, and buying stuff we don't need.

Where do I start?

InfinitySeven Fri 05-Dec-14 18:38:29

Neither have I.

I have no idea why. Some kind of block. I'm hoping it passes...

EatShitDezza Fri 05-Dec-14 18:39:09

Neither have I.

I wait til around the 19th usually.

Zucker Fri 05-Dec-14 18:41:05

I bought my first presents last night, a couple of sets from Loccitane. I'm not feeling the Christmas love yet.

LinghamStyle Fri 05-Dec-14 18:42:42

I haven't either. I thought I was all alone in this. I'm glad I found you.

whattodoforthebest2 Fri 05-Dec-14 18:44:08

I only bought my first present on Wednesday and then a couple more things yesterday - the easier bits. I'll gradually work my way through the list (which I haven't written yet) and build up slowly. Home decorations are generally things I find as I walk around looking for other stuff - you get ideas from shop windows, displays etc and can then find ways to copy them.

I can't understand the mad panic to get everything done by October/November - it completely ruins the anticipation for me.

I'm getting the tree on Sunday, so that'll start the ball rolling too. smile

susiedaisy Fri 05-Dec-14 18:45:23

Me neither

CariadsDarling Fri 05-Dec-14 18:46:49

Im doing the 'going to the shops shopping' tomorrow and the internet shopping on Sunday. And that will be that apart from food shopping in about 2 weeks.

Germgirl Fri 05-Dec-14 18:48:14

DH has ordered a couple of bits for DSD online, other than that we haven't done anything.
I've been ill, still am ill really & the thought of actual shopping fills me with dread. I think I'll have to get busy on Amazon this weekend.

Sparklingbrook Fri 05-Dec-14 18:55:22

I am usually done by now. I just CBA. My two are 15 and 13 and it's just not the same any more.

No Father Christmas, no idea what they would like apart from stuff for the PS4 hmm. I half heartedly looked at some gift sets today in Wilko's and then CBA to decide as it was 3 for 2.

If I had the Back to the Future car I would be off to 1/1/2015 tonight.

NCIS Fri 05-Dec-14 18:57:04

I haven't started yet, will probably get round to hitting amazon next week.

Sparklingbrook Fri 05-Dec-14 18:58:35

The shops are horrible at the moment. Full of vile things they only sell for Christmas and will be in the jumble sale bit of the shop come Boxing Day.

TheFairyCaravan Fri 05-Dec-14 19:05:25

I've almost done, but am usually done and wrapped up by now. I'm really not well and feel like saying to the kids that I've hit a wall, they've got more than what was on their lists hut not as much as I wanted to get so I'll treat them in January. They're 18&20 (well they will be by the day) so it's not like they believe in the man in red.

I'm having a job to sit up atm, let alone think about anything else.

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