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Gifts for 15 year old DSD, twitching.

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marne2 Fri 05-Dec-14 11:35:14

We usually spend around £100 on dsd, a few months ago we agreed ( dsd and I ) that I would spend £50 on gifts and then give her £50 cash to buy herself some clothes ( I don't like buying her clothes, she is a big girl and quite secretive about what size she is ). So I spent around £60 on gifts and then she messaged me saying she wants a laptop, obviously this is way out of budget and we can't afford it, plus we had already agreed to what she was getting.

Dsd doesn't have a easy life, she lives with her mum in poor accommodation ( she wouldn't move in with us, wants to stay with her mum who spends every penny she gets on herself, but that's a whole other thread ), I have bought her some nice gifts but nothing that exciting so I am now twitching and thinking I havn't got her enough.

So, I have bought her:

A hottie thing ( heat up in the microwave teddy, a nice one ).
A large quantity of body shop items.
Cath kidston pencil case
Cath kidston mug
Cath kidston rubber, tissues and pencil sharpener ( she loves CK)
2 make up sets ( one eye pallet and one nail varnish set )
Art supplies ( sketch pad, water colour pencils and sketching pencils )
Cake in a mug book.
DAnd £50 cash.

Does this sound enough?

We bought her a Cath kidston bag a few months ago for her birthday and she got a iPhone from her mum ( I presume her mum got it on a contract as she wouldn't be able to afford to buy one ).

Is there anything else I should buy her?

traviata Fri 05-Dec-14 14:50:07

That is a lovely list. It sounds as though you wish you could spoil her a bit, and that list sounds full of love and affection.

If you really want to add more, perhaps some other warm snuggly things? gloves, mittens, cosy socks, slippers, a throw for her bed.

But I think what you' ve already got sounds enough smile

marne2 Fri 05-Dec-14 16:30:42

Tbh I would love to get her the laptop, we could probably afford it at a push but last year she got a tablet and she sold it to give her mother the money sad, also nothing is safe or looked after by her, we have bought her expensive items in the past and they have been broken or lost. She is one of 3 step children plus I have 2 dd's, the other 2 step children are now adults so we don't buy them as much, I buy my dd's quite a bit but they look after things and because they live with me I can monitor what happens to their things. I'm sure she will love the things I have got her and she will enjoy buying herself a few things with the cash ( I may offer to take her shopping to make sure it is spent wisely ).

Leeds2 Fri 05-Dec-14 16:31:08

That sounds lovely, and is very generous!

But, do make sure she knows that she isn't getting a laptop! The £50 can be the start of saving up for it.

marne2 Fri 05-Dec-14 16:38:37

She knows she's not getting one, tbh she knows not to ask for anything over £100 as that's the budget we set, I felt guilty as dd1 is getting a hudl but I saved my club card points to buy it so it didn't cost me anything ( dsd had a tablet last year ). She messaged me sayin.g she needs a laptop or iPad for school work so didn't ask as such but she never asks for anything ( just drops hints ), I explained to her that I had already done my shopping as she had agreed to half cash, half presents, she seemed ok about it.

Even a cheap laptop would cost £300 ,we have never spent that much on any of the dc's so I think she knew it would be a 'no no'.

I might see if I can find her a throw for her bed as I imagine where she lives is quite cold, this is why I bought her the hottie to go in the microwave

aniceearlynight Fri 05-Dec-14 17:25:30

Primark has some good bits and pieces. I got a very snug chunky knitted snood/scarf thing for £5 for DD (14) and some gorgeously warm fleecy lined sock slippers for £3 for my DSD (15).

I think your list is great and very thoughtful and you sound like a really nice stepmum - she's lucky to have you and I'm sure she knows it.

marne2 Fri 05-Dec-14 18:15:57

Thank you smile, I try and put lots of thought into what I buy her, although I don't see her as often now she's getting older we talk a lot online, I hope she see's me as a good step mum.

I'm going into town next week so might pick her up a few warm things in primark.

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