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Any suggestions for how to wrap the Anna Coronation dresses I've made my girls?

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lucysmam Thu 04-Dec-14 22:24:07

Atm they're hung in suit bags & I've run out of creative inspiration...any creative ideas? smile

apotatoprintinapeartree Thu 04-Dec-14 22:28:38

Can you stretch to a box and wrap in tissue, and if you don't mind the mess sprinkle with shiny confetti.

crje Thu 04-Dec-14 22:30:11

Was going to suggest a plain suit bag decorated with glitter , bows ect

Or a dressmakers dummy type thingy

lucysmam Thu 04-Dec-14 22:30:16

I don't mind the mess! (Hoover's knackered though so it might confused ). I'll get dp to price up big boxes in town tomorrow.

lucysmam Thu 04-Dec-14 22:31:24

I have ribbon & glitter galore...I could go to town on the suit bags they're in maybe.

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Thu 04-Dec-14 22:34:28

wow you made them shock thats amazing!

I was going to say celophane wrap....but what about no wrap, but the dress hung somewhere with ribbons and helium ballons perhaps framing it with the long tails handing down?

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Thu 04-Dec-14 22:35:05

I like the box tissue idea too, I love the idea of receiveng a dress in a box with tissue grin

crje Thu 04-Dec-14 22:43:54

You could have them hanging from the fireplace like stockings .

apotatoprintinapeartree Thu 04-Dec-14 22:53:44


Not sure if you have the time but I got/get my boxes free.
I ask at Debenhams and perfume shops, they are often glad to get rid of surplus boxes, sometimes they have ribbon too.
Obviously you need the time to go round shops.
I usually call and ask when delivery day is and then go near to closing time after they have stocked shelves etc.

SouthernOne Thu 04-Dec-14 22:57:41

If it's boxes you're after, my local Homebase has boxes behind the check out for customers to help themselves. Might be worth a look if there is one near you.

Chillycamper Thu 04-Dec-14 22:58:43

How about hanging them behind the curtains and then when they have opened their other stuff saying, "oh, look. Is there something behind the curtain?"

HeyheyheyGoodbye Thu 04-Dec-14 22:59:41

Could we see a picture? smile I love to see homemade things!

Oakmaiden Thu 04-Dec-14 23:00:50

I would like to see a picture too. Please.

waithorse Fri 05-Dec-14 07:16:04

Also wanting a picture. grin

lucysmam Fri 05-Dec-14 08:22:51

Pic of dd1's dress - looks better in real life, I have nowhere to hang it to show it off properly.

Dp's off to town this morning so I'm going to get him to do some box hunting for me and see what he finds. Quite like the helium balloon idea though so might do that.

HeyheyheyGoodbye Fri 05-Dec-14 09:30:38

Holy crap, OP! That's fantastic! Aren't you clever?? fgrin

Your DDs will be beside themselves flowers What a lovely surprise for them.

500smiles Fri 05-Dec-14 09:31:03

That's lovely smile

yomellamoHelly Fri 05-Dec-14 09:33:19

That's amazing. Bet your dds will be thrilled!

Floggingmolly Fri 05-Dec-14 09:38:58

That is brilliant shock

saltedcaramelicious Fri 05-Dec-14 09:50:31


QuinnTwinny Fri 05-Dec-14 10:34:40

I remember when I was a little girl watching a film (can't even remember what one!) and absolutely loving a scene where a woman opened up a box with a beautiful dress folded in it, wrapped in tissue. I honestly think it would make any little girls day being able to do that. Getting a beautiful dress and making them feel like a grown up when opening it. The dress is fabulous, by the way. You are incredibly talented!

WerewolfBarMitzvah Fri 05-Dec-14 10:39:36

Wow OP! Amazing!

Your DDs will be delighted i want one

Box with sparkles 'n' shit would be lovely.

ElfontheShelfIsWATCHINGYOUTOO Fri 05-Dec-14 10:44:18

what beautiful dress what lucky girls smile

lucysmam Fri 05-Dec-14 11:41:26

Aw, thank you all, I'm walking home from school with a face like grin now! (been model building with dd1).

I think a box is the way to go, will get dp on the hunt & tell him I need tissue paper and sparkles as well.

Lostriver Fri 05-Dec-14 11:44:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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