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popping candy chocolate orange

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Just wondering if anyone's seen them about?

Dp wants one. because he has the sophistication of a 5 year old. Apparently it's not Christmas without one fhmm. And regular milk chocolate will not do.

If anyone's seen them, please could you tip me off so I can pick one up.

theHowlatWooooooCorner Thu 04-Dec-14 19:29:17

They had some in WHS in Rickmansworth a few weeks ago.

Taffeta Thu 04-Dec-14 19:31:57

I bought a bag of popping candy orange segments from Sainsbos about a onte ago

Taffeta Thu 04-Dec-14 19:32:08


ipswichwitch Thu 04-Dec-14 19:36:35

Tesco have them. I've been through 4 already..... And he's right, it's not Christmas without a chocolate orange smile

LePetitMarseillais Thu 04-Dec-14 19:37:07

Lidle have got them.

Thank you all fsmile. The local lidl is closed for refurbishment damn them but hopefully they'll open again soon.

If not, tescos it is.

I love them too, well the regular milk ones, but the popping candy is a bit too much for me.

ChuckNovice Thu 04-Dec-14 19:42:28

Saisnburys had some on Sunday

chanie44 Thu 04-Dec-14 19:53:23

I got mine from tesco a few weeks ago when they were on offer.

Davros Thu 04-Dec-14 21:34:09

Morrisons yesterday

BumpAndGrind Thu 04-Dec-14 21:35:30

co-op might, depending on the store size...

Heleng1982 Thu 04-Dec-14 21:36:23

I've seen them in morrisons too ��

bogiesaremyonlyfriend Fri 05-Dec-14 21:32:06

Large Asda had them in last week round here, nearly bought it instead of the proper one!

Allstoppedup Fri 05-Dec-14 21:40:54

Our little local One Stop has them.

Coumarin Fri 05-Dec-14 22:41:07

Booths if there's one near you.

Great to know they're out there. I'm going shopping on Monday so I should be able to acquire one.

Thanks loads fsmile

HermioneWeasley Sat 06-Dec-14 19:31:25

Got one in superdrug, but that was a few weeks ago

CookieLady Sat 06-Dec-14 19:32:32

Ocado are selling them for £1.

alseb Sat 06-Dec-14 19:49:48

Got ours in Sainsbury's. Do they still do dark chocolate ones?

Coumarin Sat 06-Dec-14 22:16:54

Oh Jesus I'd forgotten about the dark chocolate ones.

<drowns MN in drool>

Oldraver Sat 06-Dec-14 22:24:03

I had some of the segments, they were gross like the worst horrible cheap chocolate

Davros Sat 06-Dec-14 23:38:54

Loads in morrisons toddy. Bogof

Got one. In B and M. (Also some in home bargains).

Not the very rare, elusive white chocolate popping candy one but milk choc.

curlingandtwirling Tue 09-Dec-14 12:05:00

I've bought 5 dark choc oranges while they were on offer in sainsbos - there's one left. There's no way it's going to last until Christmas!

Are they on offer anywhere else for £1?

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