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Present Ideas for 9 year old girl (approx £30)

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Lastminutelizzie Thu 04-Dec-14 12:25:30

Really struggling with ideas for my DD age 9. She's a real tom boy, has 2 older brothers and loves animals. She had a birthday recently and has loads of craft kits, sewing sets, etc, untouched. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

SnotandBothered Thu 04-Dec-14 12:27:58

Penny. Board. They are slightly smaller skateboards with a retro feel. Great for learning and simple tricks. My tomboy DD 9 is obsessed with hers. £30 on Amazin.

BlueChampagne Thu 04-Dec-14 13:20:02

Horse riding lesson
Den building stuff

insanityscratching Thu 04-Dec-14 13:28:47

Roller blades, heelys, a pogo stick, lego, knex, meccano.

Taffeta Thu 04-Dec-14 13:46:50

Netball hoop and netball

Dancergirl Thu 04-Dec-14 14:33:40

An animal related experience day, e.g. be a zoo keeper for a day.

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