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The Coca cola truck - worth it?

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songbird Thu 04-Dec-14 11:48:59

DD (9) wants to go, mostly because she's worried she'll miss something 'awesome' if we don't. I hate the idea, crass cynical commercialism at its worse. But that's Christmas for you.

Thing is, we're travelling across the country to visit friends and family that day, and hanging around to see the bloody truck will mean leaving (probably!) 2 hours later than we would have done, and for once in my life I don't want to be late arriving at my friend's house.

So, is it an amazing magical experience or just a bit shit. I did get her to agree that if they handed out freebies that wouldn't be a reason to go, as coke's really unhealthy. Alternatively we could drive into the carpark where said truck will be, pause briefly to say 'oh yeah, there it is' and drive on. That would mean leaving about an hour later than planned.

I'm hoping DD decides not to bother (she'd really excited about visiting these friends) but I know fine rightly, she'll bloody moan on that she wishes she'd gone!

duckbilled Thu 04-Dec-14 12:06:23

It is a bit crap in my experience! Queues of people waiting to get a mini can of coke and a quick blurry photo being ushered along a cattle grid. It was not magical or very nice last year sad

LittleMissSparklyGreenTinsel Thu 04-Dec-14 12:07:18

When it went to Chester last year the people I know who tried to see it got so stuck in queues that I'm not sure they actually made it, if they did the last mile or so was on foot.
They do give out freebies - but not to under 12s, although parents are obviously free to hand on their own freebie.

ohmychrist Thu 04-Dec-14 12:09:01

People queue to see a big truck branded Coca-Cola. Ridiculous.

RJnomore Thu 04-Dec-14 12:09:42

Well no tbh. We went on sunday, huge queue to get a photo taken on one side of the truck, we walked up to the other and took our own, wandered over and got free mini cans of coke each, and were done in five minutes.

On the plus side we got to hear the choir sing "Holidays are coming" and we didnt stand in the mahoosive queue.

If you go to the left to take a photo, I reckon your drive in and out and be an hour late would be ok.

NecesitoDormir Thu 04-Dec-14 12:11:11

Don't bother. It is a complete waste of time.

GreenEyedMonster14 Thu 04-Dec-14 12:31:29

Oh no hmm I was looking forward to going this year.

Methe Thu 04-Dec-14 12:38:18

I am amazing that anyone would want to go and see a lorry as part of their christmas celebrations.

ShakyTheStork Thu 04-Dec-14 12:42:48

I was stuck in the bloody Chester traffic last year. It took me an hour and a half to get home from work, a journey that usually takes 25 minutes. I was not happy.

Poolomoomon Thu 04-Dec-14 12:54:28

It's utter shite. I was in the city centre by chance last year when it was parked up. Queues of people to take a picture with it and get a small can of coke. There's nothing Christmassy about a big red truck with coca cola painted on the side of it. Otoh it's BRILLIANT free advertisement for coca cola, everyone's pictures all over social media. Same with the bottles with names on. They're a very clever corporation I guess with no morals or ethics.

pictish Thu 04-Dec-14 12:58:11

Can anyone explain to me why they are compelled to queue to see this?

You've all seen a lorry before...right?

GreenEyedMonster14 Thu 04-Dec-14 13:08:56

Well for a start I didn't plan to queue for a picture, I just wanted to see it as I'm going to be there anyway. Not bothered about the free coke either as i don't drink it.

I grew up seeing the coke truck christmas ads so I just want to see it I the 'flesh.' Don't think there's anything wrong with that.

songbird Thu 04-Dec-14 13:17:10

Great, thanks everyone - pretty much as I expected. I hate queuing even for things I want to see, so I reckon we'll try and do a drive-by. DD goes to a big school and has a really large group of friends and I think if they're talking about it it's a 'fear of missing out' thing.

I can't believe it's happening either. I went into such a string of invective when she asked if we could go that DH almost put his hands over her ears to protect her from my bah-humbugness grin.

I'll post a photo on here when we've been wink

Starlightbright1 Thu 04-Dec-14 13:23:02

I went a couple of years ago, got a free mini can of coke and queued up to get pic taken...So no not worth changing plans for IMO

Chattymummyhere Thu 04-Dec-14 16:36:27

We went last year... It's crap tbh wouldn't go again and thankfully it's not here this year

ouryve Thu 04-Dec-14 16:39:53

Apparently it didn't even turn up in Manchester.

PesoPenguin Thu 04-Dec-14 20:06:48

We went in our small town. It was pretty quiet when we got there and there were rides and things ( not put on by Coca Cola). The kids loved it anyway.

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