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Present ideas for a 70 year old woman

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GreenEyedMonster14 Thu 04-Dec-14 07:26:17

DP grandma has been so good to us and our DC adore her. We have £100 to spend on her and hopefully we'll be able to get her something she'll love.

The only thing she's really interested in is cooking/baking. I think she quite likes gardening too.

We can't think of anything to get her so I was hoping of you would have some ideas?

Thanks in advance. smile

TimelyNameChangey Thu 04-Dec-14 07:37:53

What about one of those experience days...there are places which give advanced baking lessons. Or you could buy her an afternoon tea to take when she wants a lovely hotel or cafe...or gardening...most garden lovers appreciate a nice rose bush or a shrub.

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