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A toy to record singing and talking for a 5 year old.

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Trazzletoes Thu 04-Dec-14 06:15:05

I need a bit of help with present buying! DS (5) has asked for something that will record him so he can listen to himself.

I can't find anything suitable and am starting to panic a little. Can anyone suggest anything please? Help!!! Thank you.

icklekid Thu 04-Dec-14 06:19:35

Don't know how much you want to spend but we use these in school from age 5-

Or these but they only do 1 track and limit of how long can record for

CanadianPacific Thu 04-Dec-14 06:20:11

A dictaphone?

Trazzletoes Thu 04-Dec-14 06:24:52

Thanks ickle that's a great idea and they look fab but probably a bit more than we wanted to spend.

CP A DICTAPHONE!!!!!!!!! Of course. I've been totally unable to think even slightly laterally on this, not least because he insists on calling it a recorder. Thank you. I'm off to investigate.

PesoPenguin Thu 04-Dec-14 07:27:36

You can't record very long 'sections' but you can record and change your voice on the Kidizoom watch. There's lots of other features too.

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