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Baby's First Christmas

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Murphy29 Mon 01-Dec-14 19:19:21

It's DS first Christmas and we're completely stuck for ideas for a present.

He will be 11 weeks old and was incredibly spoilt by everyone on his birth to the point we can't even fit any more clothes in the wardrobe. The grandparents have also bought his Christmas presents already so swing, baby gym, Scout etc all purchased by them.

So that leaves him needing nothing. DH and I want to get him something he can keep but not sure what this would be? Anyone else been in similar situation? What did you buy?

GotToBeInItToWinIt Mon 01-Dec-14 19:22:01

DD was 6 weeks old last Christmas. We already had everything too so I just bought her a lovely personalised hardback book of nursery rhymes and a personalised bauble. I thought it was better to get some little bits that we could keep and she could look back on when she's older than spending loads on more toys/clothes that she doesn't need. She's 1 this Christmas and with a November birthday there is nothing she needs again so I've just bought her some books!

Murphy29 Mon 01-Dec-14 21:40:58

That sounds lovely, although the bauble has already been done by in-laws as they brought it back from their holiday. The boy literally needs nothing!

We had been thinking about getting him his private registration plate so it's something he'll always have but it's a bit ridiculous as it's of no interest to him for 17 years grin

Misty9 Mon 01-Dec-14 23:03:20

I really wouldn't worry about getting him anything to be honest. We had similar situation with ds as he was 3 months his first Christmas and grandparents went a bit present mad! So we got a token gift can't remember what and saved our money for the inevitable wardrobe overhaul every three months! If you really want to buy something though, how about a first Christmas bowl and plate set? My dc use the Beatrix Potter bowl I had as a child and it makes me all warm inside smile

Blankiefan Tue 02-Dec-14 06:39:12

We had this issue. DH & I each bought a secret gift (secret from each other) for dd - just a little thing each. I bought a rattle, DH bought a baby vest with a band he likes on it. It was fun for us, which was the poor and we only spent £15 each.

The bigger issue was managing the grandparents... But that's an ongoing battle.

Blankiefan Tue 02-Dec-14 06:39:44

The point... (Not the poor!)

PumpingRSI Tue 02-Dec-14 06:47:48

A personalised toy box for his 1 year bday, engraved with message. Great sentimental gift but really useful to put increasing number of toys away in!

RoseberryTopping Tue 02-Dec-14 06:52:56

Maybe a few toys for when he's a bit older? Doesn't have to be anything big, you might as well save your money while you can

Sausages123 Tue 02-Dec-14 07:01:53

We are doing a stocking with warning stuff in it for when he is 6 months (if he didn't have a big brother we wouldn't bother with a stocking)

Main present is Harrods Xmas bear as we did the same for his brother and a jack in the box

siblingrevelryagain Tue 02-Dec-14 07:06:52

I'd maybe buy him a beautiful hardback copy of 'the night before Xmas' and write a message in the front. Hopefully it'll be a special book for you to read each year and then something he can read to his children.

It's hard because the expectation (our own) is that we should buy something for our children, but if there's genuinely nothing he needs or you'd like him to have then you should try to resist panic buying.

I was in the same situation as you with all three of mine, and now they're asking for iPads and hundreds of pounds worth of lego. Please don't fret that not being able to buy Xmas pressies will last. Once he starts watching tv with adverts he'll know exactly what to ask for!

I've just remembered that for my daughter's first Xmas (she was 9 wks old) I got her the Minnie Mouse from Disney store with the year on the foot-and have done every year since so it's become a tradition. They do Mickey Mouse ones too so you could get him one for the year of his birth?

Whatever you do you're very blessed and I'm sure you'll have a magical Xmas with your new baby x

Murphy29 Tue 02-Dec-14 08:29:27

Thanks for all the ideas! Have sent them to DH and we'll go from there.

I think we've just put too much pressure on for it to be special as it was a very difficult road to have him and the past few Christmases have been spent recovering from miscarriages so it will be amazing regardless this year smile

It's going to be a constant battle to manage DGP, we may need a bigger house for all the -tat- kind gifts

Nocturne123 Tue 02-Dec-14 08:39:08

A nice personalised stocking? I got ds a lovely one from etsy to match dd's from last christmas

RedToothBrush Tue 02-Dec-14 08:47:25

Nice keepsake books. They can be used in the future, but they are nice to get now as something for 'first christmas'

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 02-Dec-14 08:59:07

Dds first christmas she was six days old grin she got a tartan sleepsuit for cjristmas eve, a copy of Night Before Christmas, and a lovely red spotty knitted pram blanket.

DS will be nine weeks this christmas and we have bought him a rattle, and will be rewrapping dds newborn toys (rattles, stacking cups and Sophie Giraffe) and putting in a stocking, but only so 3yo dd doesnt wonder why santa is ignoring her baby brother.

Myparents have bought him a Jumperoo but know ot will be many months before it gets used.

qazxc Tue 02-Dec-14 09:13:32

Something that could be part of your family traditions like a really nice christmas storybook to read as story on christmas eve? Stocking? advent calender?
Or photo portrait voucher so that you have a nice family photo (if you like that sort of thing)? or a day out voucher (something like the zoo or such like).
DD will be 6 months and has every bouncy, swingy, rocking gadget ever manufactured. So when asked I've asked for books for bedtime stories, useful stuff or contributions towards bigger items / days out or baby swimming lessons.
You could also make a baby book with photos and what they liked/ didn't like, a few baby stories. My sister loved to see what she was like "when she was little" and now her kids love to see and hear stories about her and me as kids.

IssyStark Tue 02-Dec-14 12:23:33

We didn't bother with our ds1 (born 7th Dec) as we were opening new clothes for him all the time anyway! Grandparents and aunts bought the usual baby's first Christmas stuff instead.

For ds2 (born 16th Dec), we got him a few little things as his big brother, who was 5yo, expected it but again it was rather practical stuff that took up his stocking (socks, babygrows etc).

BiddyPop Tue 02-Dec-14 18:10:53

I had a few stocking fillers in case "Chuckles" came early, she arrived at 6am on Boxing Day.

Even at 1, she barely needed things from us she was given so much.

But I did get the Waterford crystal Santa Claus decoration of that year, with the silver year tag, as an heirloom. It's not engraved, but very special as a once off.

DGPs did get a more standard "Baby's first Christmas" decoration, and there are loads of nice ones available, but the Waterford will be suitable on our tree, and later hers, for hopefully 90+ years (going by my families average longevity!).

We also got a hardback copy of 'twas the night before Christmas, which we have read every Christmas Eve since. Not a particularly big or classic one, but nice. And I got the hardback Beatrix potter collection , all in one book version, of all the tales. That got very well used for quite a few years until Harry Potter took over - but Beatrix is still safely on the shelf and taken down on occasion. I also bought myself the hardback marina collection, again all books in one, Narnia not marina, as I had all seven in paperback growing up but siblings and used and abused them after me. So that was for me but I have read the Lion, Witch and Wardrobe to dd and am waiting for her to read them all herself.

siblingrevelryagain Tue 02-Dec-14 18:16:09

Just as an aside, I'd give the grandparents a bit of time before you manage their present buying. I'm guessing they've been with you through the struggle so let them enjoy buying the tat they've probably waited years to buy (then carefully 'lose' or break stuff accidentally-on-purpose). It's a pain sometimes, especially if they get there first and it's not to your taste, but you'll be grateful you bit your tongue! X

eurochick Tue 02-Dec-14 18:22:18

We're in a similar boat but with a slightly older baby (will be 5 months at Christmas), also after a long struggle (she is a 4th round IVF baby). We received lots of amazing gifts when she was born and my parents have declared an intention to go overboard at Christmas (first grandchild and very long awaited!) so we are just getting a couple of bits - some Lamaze toys (as she loves the one she has) and a couple of outfits. Nothing big as she really has everything she needs for now.

ftmsoon Tue 02-Dec-14 21:28:18

DD will be 8 months so I have got her some toys that are 3 years plus in a good sale. Also got her a 'My first christmas' vest and babygro for her stocking.

Murphy29 Wed 03-Dec-14 16:20:21

Ok consensus seems to be not to get too carried away then. I always watched Santa Claus The Movie (the one with Dudley Moore) every Xmas with my sister so might try and get a DVD of that for future and then some books and baby swimming lessons.

And don't worry it's just PIL that will have a tractor load of tat and DH just asked nicely to 'go easy' on presents and they were ok with it as I think seeing the amount already in his room hit home! We're close so no offence taken.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

Lovage Wed 03-Dec-14 17:08:30

A book. Doesn't really matter what book it is, although it could be Christmas-themed. Then write in the front that it is to him from you and the date, and then when he's older and cares about Christmas presents, he will be delighted to imagine himself a baby getting this as his first Christmas present. At least, that's what happened with our two. They still love those books now at the advanced ages of 8 and 6.

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