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Teksta/Zoomer -robotic dogs n cats....either vs neither

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averythinline Mon 01-Dec-14 08:35:28

what to do... DS(9) has been mooning over a Teksta puppy most of the year....even offered to buy it himself but I showed him the reviews on Amazon about how rubbish it is....but he still mooned over it....he has mentioned zoomers as on the tv ..
Now he's written his wishlist he's written Zoomer.....I could ignore but it is high on the list...he's young for his age but I have the feeling this is the last 'kiddie' Christmas we'll have...

So do I get a Zoomer or a Teksta - is one better than the other do they actually work??? anyone got any experience.... Thanks

fuzzpig Mon 01-Dec-14 09:33:12

I have no idea but I think I saw tekstas around half price on amazon this morning, if that helps

StripedOss Mon 01-Dec-14 09:59:58

we have the full sized Teksta, the blue one, had it since easter.

quite frankly, once its done its thing, its boring. Having a tablet to interact with it (you can use it to give it instructions) can lengthen the playing time.. but honestly. I dont think its worth the money.

I only go ours because it was reduced and i had a crap load of Tesco vouchers i boosted, so it only cost me £7 after everything.. and i'm not sure its worth that either.

i haven't replaced its batteries... <guilty mom look>

The kids however, do like it, but even with batteries in, it only got maybe 30 minutes playing time before they got bored.. there is only so many times you can try and make it do a somersault.

averythinline Mon 01-Dec-14 14:36:05

That's a shame missed the half price...i am very slack battery replacing at the best of not looking good for the robot dogs

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