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prop making / leatherworking

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feelingfedupandold Sun 30-Nov-14 20:21:03

son age 19 is a computer geek who loves all the lotr, star wars, etc etc
he is keen on prop making, sword making etc etc
we are north west uk/north midlands based.
any courses anyone can recommend that are decent, or alternatively other ideas related for present based stuff?

Whatthequack Mon 01-Dec-14 00:30:29

There is a game design online course on group on at the minute £49.

As for prop making, you could get him some supplies, like super sculpey (for 3D modelling) a cutting mat and cutting knives, and modelling tools? Also there's loads of special effect prop design books, that show you how certain props in films were made.

Whatthequack Mon 01-Dec-14 00:31:32

Oh and a glue gun is always handy for 3D modelling!

Whatthequack Mon 01-Dec-14 00:33:39

Also an a5 sketchbook and a set of rotring pens/pencils to sketch out some designs may be useful. smile

attheendoftheday Mon 01-Dec-14 01:44:19

Dp does leatherworking. Is your ds prop making for anything specific e.g. cosplay, larp or reenactment? The tools you need depend a bit on what you're trying to do, but a good quality stanley knife and a swivel knife are pretty universal.

This is our local leather shop.
They are very helpful and can give advice about different techniques and what you will need. There are some good basic guides on their website too.

feelingfedupandold Mon 01-Dec-14 21:03:23

good ideas here thanks - will take a look on google!

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