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Help for DH

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groovejet Sun 30-Nov-14 19:02:51

Well I thought I had DH sorted, got him a few little bits and also the amazon fire tv, he had mentioned apple tv earlier in the year and though amazon fire would suit him better.

Which it would have done, apart from the fact he has just gone and got one for himself.

So I am now stuck with an amazon fire tv which will have to be returned, although fairly sure argos will only let me exchange and am totally stuck what to get him. No hobbies as such I know he would love Xbox 1 or PS4 but that is out of my budget and preferably has to be from Argos. Argh why would he go and buy himself gadget stuff just before christmas?!

Starfishiecloverhv Sun 30-Nov-14 19:19:56

Men can be right pains can't they

so.... Argos

My ideas:
- A watch
- Water Dancing Speakers (if he's into music)
- They do some aftershaves don't they
- Facial hair trimmer
- DAB radio
- Revolving Optics (if he's into drinking)
- Poker set
- Fit bit activity and sleep tracker

Any of these ideas helpful?

groovejet Sun 30-Nov-14 19:43:10

DAB radio may be a good idea, it doesn't help that he isn't really in to anything apart from watching stuff via netflix and such hence the amazon tv that would have been perfect.

He does like cooking.

Am torn between a DAB radio, which would be good for in the kitchen,some sort of fancy digital steamer. a soundbar although am clueless about these, or just for pure nostalgic value a sodastream.

Davros Sun 30-Nov-14 19:56:27

I love my soda stream! Don't use the flavours but have fizzy water whenever we want it without having to lug bottles of the stuff home (mineral water is bad for the environment)

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