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Royal Mail letters to Santa

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ShadowKat Sun 30-Nov-14 00:00:33

If we send a letter to Santa at the RoyaL Mail's special Santa address, do we need to include a stamped SAE?

Or do we just stamp the letter being sent to Santa at Reindeerland as we would any other letter?

FishWithABicycle Sun 30-Nov-14 00:14:04

We sent ours without an SAE - no requirement for one on the leaflet we saw. No reply yet though...

Friendofsadgirl Sun 30-Nov-14 00:15:44

I didn't know about this so I googled and found this:

Hope it helps

curiousgeorgie Sun 30-Nov-14 04:57:42

I sent it without an SAE and got a card in reply...

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