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Puzzle for a grown up - how many pieces

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petalunicorn Sat 29-Nov-14 17:27:05

My sister has asked for a puzzle. How many pieces do you get for a grown up? I was thinking of this, which is 1000 pieces, but dh says it is a kid's puzzle, is it too easy? Btw I don't think she'd want anything fiendishly tricky........

Vitalstatistix Sat 29-Nov-14 17:28:18

1000 pieces is adult size, certainly. But yes, that particular picture looks aimed at children.

Is she a fan of disney?

mistlethrush Sat 29-Nov-14 17:32:00

There are lots of lovely 1000 piece puzzles that are aimed more at adults than children. This is somewhere we got one in the summer if she likes landscapes.

Iloveonionchutney Sat 29-Nov-14 17:32:15

If she's a Disney fab then that'd be fine. I've got my dh a 1000pc marvel superheroes jigsaw this year.

Jcee Sat 29-Nov-14 17:32:15

My parents are jigsaw fans and I usually buy them 1,000 piece ones so I'd say you are looking at right sort of thing.

Apparently (or at least according to my parents) ravensberger are the best ones

Pfeffernusse Sat 29-Nov-14 17:37:46

That does look like a picture for children.

Does she particularly like Disney? If not, I would try to find a more grown-up looking picture.
A famous work of art, a map, one of those "solve the mystery" puzzles?

The picture can make any puzzle much easier or harder, depending on how sharp the contrasts are, how many obviously recognisable bits their are, how many colours.

petalunicorn Sat 29-Nov-14 17:42:26

Thanks everyone that's really useful.

I'm not sure she'd particularly like Disney, more she wouldn't like landscapes or artworks, which is what I had found so far, although if it were one connected to her local area perhaps she'd like that so I'll google that.

Solve the mystery type sounds promising, I'll google that too.

petalunicorn Sat 29-Nov-14 17:45:15

Ooh, just found a DOwnton Abbey 1000 piece, she'd like that smile

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