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Who else is putting their Christmas Decs up tomorrow?

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wibblyjelly Sat 29-Nov-14 17:04:31

I can't be the only one, right?

Sparkletastic Sat 29-Nov-14 17:06:04

My kids really want to but it will still be November so feels wrong. I've said next Sunday. I love decs but want to keep them special and not up for too long.

gamerchick Sat 29-Nov-14 17:06:26

Me usually but I had the bright idea of decorating the living room and stairs/halls before Christmas.

Regretting it now somewhat grin

I would be usually though.

PacificDogwood Sat 29-Nov-14 17:07:21


First Sunday of Advent - that is when Christmas starts smile

Wilf83 Sat 29-Nov-14 17:09:19

What Pacific said smile

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Sat 29-Nov-14 17:11:49

Me! I was planning next weekend, but DS was pleading with me and it is the first Sunday of advent, so officially the start of the Christmas season grin

marne2 Sat 29-Nov-14 17:13:58

Me, though we may start tonight with paper chains. I know it's still November but we usually put them up close to the 1st, the kids want to help so we will do it tomorrow ( and I will rearrange the wonky bits on Monday when they are at school ).

sillymillyb Sat 29-Nov-14 17:21:12

Our elf is arriving tomorrow with a mini Christmas tree and the North Pole breakfast. Tree and rest of the decorations are going up next weekend courtesy of the naughty elf I think. I'm excited!

munchkin2902 Sat 29-Nov-14 17:22:37

We did it today! But baby due on Friday so wanted to get it over with. Still feels Christmassy grin

wibblyjelly Sat 29-Nov-14 17:25:40

silly we are doing a north pole breakfast as well. I only discovered the idea on Friday, so haven't had a huge amount of time to sort it, but looking forward to it. Snowman pancakes, Christmas tree crumpets and chocolate milk grin What are you having?

wibblyjelly Sat 29-Nov-14 17:31:04

elfo best wishes for the babythanks

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Sat 29-Nov-14 17:39:30

Got the tree out, eldest is going to put it up when DS goes to bed tonight.

I really want to buy a new tree as we only have a crappy one that looks like its been starving all night

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Sat 29-Nov-14 17:39:42

Year not night

marne2 Sat 29-Nov-14 21:30:32

I ended up putting some up today ( just the new bits I have bought ) will do the other trees tomorrow, I'm having 2 in the living room ( twig tree and a slim green tree ) and the dd's are having trees in their rooms, dh will be going in the loft to fetch them in the morning.

Poolomoomon Sat 29-Nov-14 21:54:33

We are! Always put it up on the 30th, it's our tradition. Plus it's advent Sunday so makes it even more acceptable wink. Today, in my humble opinion, is the first acceptable day for decorations. Anyone who puts them up before the last weekend in November is crazy! grin.

ISpyPlumPie Sat 29-Nov-14 21:58:08

It's DS2's birthday on Monday, and we had said we'd wait until after then so the plan is to do them next weekend. Have got a feeling I might twitch though... .

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Sat 29-Nov-14 22:11:26

please post some photos of your trees

WerewolfBarMitzvah Sat 29-Nov-14 22:15:23

We are doing ours on Monday!
Feels quite early but I'm excited - first Christmas in this house.

winklegirl Sat 29-Nov-14 22:16:52

We did tree and some tinsel today, DS(4.5) wanted to do it last weekend, but we put him off a week. if we don't do it this weekend it won't happen for ages, as we have various family birthday weekends coming up. Also needed to get diy advent calendars out of loft ready for monday.

Do it whenever you like!

Azquilith Sat 29-Nov-14 22:20:35


TooExtraImmatureCheddar Sat 29-Nov-14 22:30:14

Bought the tree today! It's in the greenhouse and we will decorate it either tomorrow or Monday.

caitlinannalisesmummy Sat 29-Nov-14 23:26:06


Davros Sun 30-Nov-14 09:05:40

That tree looks lovely. I am going to force myself to wait until two weekends time. If we get the tree now it will be dead come xmas day. I will start to put up decorations, of which there are many, this week. It takes me a couple of days at least.

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