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Family telescope recommendations

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Confusedmoo Sat 29-Nov-14 10:59:42


So DS (5) would like a telescope for Christmas. I'm actually quite pleased it's something useful iykwim...

Anyway, I have no clue what's so ever where to start, so can anyone recommend one to cover these few points.

Good for looking at wildlife (lake maybe 100m away from house)

Obviously good for star gazing

A sturdy long lasting one with stand that can be left in place 'to look nice ' blush

Doesn't have loads of attachments

Budget around £100

Would really love some recommendations thanks

rallytog1 Sat 29-Nov-14 11:49:10

Shameless jumping on your thread. I'm looking for exactly the same as you. Only my 5yo is actually 34yo dh...

Helgathehairy Sat 29-Nov-14 12:49:37

I'm jumping on too! Looking for one for 34 year old DH as well. Saw one on Amazon Black Friday but it was €400!

Chopsypie Sat 29-Nov-14 12:52:18

No idea if it's any good but lidl have one for £60 this week

WidowWadman Sat 29-Nov-14 12:56:01

Has very good reviews especially for the pricepoint

rembrandtsrockchick Sat 29-Nov-14 12:58:50

I actually prefer a good pair of binoculars on a stand. London Camera Exchange (branches in many towns) have an excellent selection. I got a pair of good quality 2nd hand ones...would not have been able to afford the new pair!

We also have a spotting scope...these are excellent for both bird/wildlife watching and for stargazing.

Have alook at any of the birdwatching magazines they usually have lots of ads and some very good articles on scopes and binoculars.

I think a telescope is more difficult to use, not so versatile and too expensive. A pair of binoculars or a scope with good optics is far preferable to a telescope with less good optics.

WidowWadman Sat 29-Nov-14 12:58:55

For the 34 year old child we've got this one and it's nice enough, portable, packs away easily

nappyaddict Mon 01-Dec-14 14:58:43

We are looking at this one

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