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Ideas for men: partner, dad, brothers

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AnotherEmma Fri 28-Nov-14 13:38:08

I dread Christmas shopping because I have so many people to buy for. I'd love some help with ideas for the men, please!

My husband is a statistician and he loves gadgets, food (especially cheese), film & TV, watching sport (especially basketball) and running. He has everything he needs!

My dad is an academic, he teaches and is doing a PhD. He loves theatre, fine food & wine (although has to eat healthily) and swimming. He likes reading fiction and non-fiction although I find it quite hard to pick books for him. I could get a joint present for him and my step mum, but not theatre vouchers because we gave them some quite recently.

I have three adult brothers, two in their late 20s and one who's 21. They all love music. The oldest is a semi-pro musician and has just moved back to England after living abroad for a few years. So I haven't seen him for ages. The middle one works in film/TV and has just moved in with his girlfriend so they're setting up house. The youngest recently graduated from film school and has been doing film jobs and learning to drive.

I'd love to get experiences or something they will actually use. Don't want to add to all the unwanted crap people get at Christmas!

So there's my challenge... Any suggestions or just moral support would be much appreciated!

Thehedgehogsong Fri 28-Nov-14 13:43:20

Magazine subscriptions? Music magazines might be a good idea. rolling stone for example, or NME.

Herb rack for those moving house, or bottle opener, stopper and a bottle of wine. Or just an xmas hamper, with xmas cake, baileys, chocolates, gingerbread men.

AnotherEmma Fri 28-Nov-14 18:05:25

Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone else?

Starfishiecloverhv Fri 28-Nov-14 18:50:44

For your dear husband
- cheese making kit - I think they sell them at Lakeland. They sell them at - they are kits for making different types of cheese
- An activity tracker - either fitbit or rawbone - Boots have 50% off rawbones today
- Cinema voucher
- ipod to listen to music on his runs

Your Dad
- Kindle or other ebook reader
- Waterproof MP3 Player - sony do one
- audio books

- experience ideas of good. Budget dependent you could get them all a driving experience and they could go together. Or something like paintballing days out

Any of this helpful?

AnotherEmma Fri 28-Nov-14 19:46:57

Great suggestions, thank you!
I'm sure DH would like a cheesemaking kit - for his last birthday I paid for him to do a 1 day cheesemaking course and he loved it smile He has an iPod (that I gave him a couple of Christmasses ago!) but I'll look up the activity tracker things, thanks.
I'm not sure whether Dad has a Kindle or would like one, but the waterproof MP3 player could go down well... I'll talk to my stepmum.
An experience for my brothers to do together is a good idea, I'll look into the options to see what they might like.
Thanks again!

dementedma Fri 28-Nov-14 20:22:23

Probably not relevant to your men, but for the menfolk in my family they have:
Dad - sweets (he has advanced dementia so nothing else is of use)
Dh - computer game, football DVD's, power drill/screwdriver, book, PJ bottoms
Bro - hamper of pickles and chutneys
Dds bf - cookery books and spices

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