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Christmas Tree - real one/artificial ?

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HaveAGoodDay Thu 27-Nov-14 22:26:17

Initially wanted a real one this year as never had a real one before, it's our first house thought it would be nice to have a real tree, but hubby is saying they don't last very long (I usually like to put tree up first week in Dec & take down first few days in Jan). He's also now saying they've got spiders in too!

I'm not against artificial, always had one ( threw old one out when we moved) but looking for one I like, there's so many! I like them to look as realistic as they can lol! Big & bushy, doesn't have to be very tall.

But the real trees look lovely....

superram Thu 27-Nov-14 22:31:51

Always put up tree first Sunday in dec(late this year). But a decent one and little needle drop. Not noticed spiders either. However,we might go for fake this year as we are getting a new carpet and have water marked them inthe past.

Gossipgirladdict Thu 27-Nov-14 22:50:25

Never had an artificial tree... We lived in a big old terraced house when I was small, with 12 foot high ceilings and always had a real tree of about that size. I remember one year my DF getting a bargain 16 foot tree (too big for anyone else) and cutting 4 foot off the top. It didn't look great!

When DH and I got married, it was the one thing I wouldn't compromise on. DH hated it for the first few years. I am very fussy about how the tree looks (symmetry etc) and he hated the needle hoovering come new year! However, real trees are now mostly a different type (Nordman fir?) and they hardly lose any needles at all. We get ours first weekend in Dec, usually keep it in a bucket of water in the garage for a week, then put it up and it stays till early Jan.

DH has totally embraced the ritual that is choosing the tree. We go to the same place each year, and with DC's it is utterly magical. He still moans about how fussy I am, but it is good-hearted and I know he loves it really!

I cannot ever envisage a time when we will have an artificial tree...!

Poolomoomon Fri 28-Nov-14 07:23:04

Always real! Never seen spiders... And we put it up advent sunday, take it down just before new year (mainly because I'm sick of the sight of it!). It's starting to get bare when it's taken down but it still looks beautiful over Christmas. Needle drop isn't an issue because I Hoover the room every day anyway so it's just an extra bit to hoover... The only needles that are a bastard are when you're taking it outside at the end but still, that's what hoovers are for!

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Fri 28-Nov-14 12:20:35

We used to always have real, put it up 1st w/e in December and it was fine until new year. We got the low needle drop ones too (though there were still always needles to sweep). But last year ours came with loads of extra creatures and I can't cope with that again (I'm very beastie-phobic) so we've gone for what looks like a pretty decent fake one, that looks like a real tree rather than the typical conical shaped ones I had when I was growing up!

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