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Any Playmobil experts? Remote control Playmobil vehicles.

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Pfeffernusse Thu 27-Nov-14 11:47:57

I am godparent with three others - we often collaborate or combine on his Christmas present.

We were going to buy him two playmobil sets (lorry and crane), but we have noticed that the lorry we were planning on getting can be fitted with a battery pack and made into a remote control vehicle.

So we were thinking maybe we should get just this vehicle with the RC controller instead of the crane.

Does anyone have one? Are they worth it?

We actually own a playmobil bus which would be compatible with the RC unit, and its wheels don't turn from side to side, so that seems a bit rubbish if it would only go backwards and forwards. But the RC thing has a steering wheel on, so presumably if you use it then the vehicles can turn?

Will godson's parents hate us, and have to spend out a fortune in batteries, and will it be worth it because it is such a cool toy? grin

Godson is 5 btw.

So final question, would your 5 year old be more excited by a container lorry and a crane that lifts the container onto the back of the lorry, or a remote controlled lorry. We can't decide!

Lorry and crane would be slightly cheaper, but that doesn't really matter.

Fresh01 Thu 27-Nov-14 15:25:38

My DS got the container lorry and crane last xmas, aged 4. He doesn't have the RC unit for the lorry. He has enjoyed most the action of the crane to move the containers and the batteries in it have lasted the year.

Pfeffernusse Thu 27-Nov-14 19:23:11

Thanks Fresh, interesting to know that the crane has been enjoyed the most.
We still can't decide grin.

erin99 Thu 27-Nov-14 22:01:44

We don't have that one but DC have the future planet baddie den with an RC car. It's fine, but it's quite slow and difficult to control for my 5yo (the box did say 7+ to be fair!). He much, much prefers the £5 cheapie RC car.

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