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Public transport around Christmas

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xalyssx Thu 27-Nov-14 08:31:22

I am having some friends over for Xmas day this year, but none of them drive. I have asked my dad to pick them up on Xmas morning, but he's not too keen on doing 2 journeys that day. I was wondering what the public transport services tend to be over Xmas. Do buses and/or trains run on Boxing Day? Do taxis run on Xmas day? If so, how much more do they cost?

Pfeffernusse Thu 27-Nov-14 08:36:36

Generally there is no train service on Christmas day or Boxing day, not sure about buses.

You can look here for trains and find your local train company, but almost certainly won't be running.

I'm sure some taxis will be running, I would get in and book one asap though!

Or could your friends come on Christmas Eve instead and stay over?

Petallic Thu 27-Nov-14 08:42:09

Black cabs have standard set rates. Christmas Day is double time and I'm not sure about Boxing Day but the rates are listed on the council website or ring your local firm for a quote - if it's a reasonable distance you might get a reduced quote from a mini cab firm if you book in advance

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