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New Year ideas

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Redglitter Thu 27-Nov-14 02:38:31

My brother & I both work for emergency services and are on duty on New Years Day. This means for the first year since my dad died my mums going to be on her own.

I'll be with her at Hogmanay/Midnight and when I get back to hers around 11pm on New Years night the plan is party food & prosecco.

What I'm looking for is ideas for things to do/leave for her on New Years day. I just hate the idea of her being alone and I'd love ideas to help break the day up

holeinmyheart Thu 27-Nov-14 08:56:23

How much money have you got? as if I had oodles of cash I would set her up with an Ipad and internet access. You can then Skype her in your break during the day. My friend has an 90 year old DM and she wanted to go on holidays abroad without feeling guilty about her Mum and so that's what she has done. My 85 year old Aunt was set up with one and she Syypes me .
If you can't afford that and the time to give her tuition I think that would help combat loneliness as well. Give her brain some exercise as well.
A jigsaw is a good idea as it gets a bit addictive and absorbing.

Redglitter Fri 28-Nov-14 22:17:55

I like the Skype idea. I'm going to order her a jigsaw of a photo of my nieces and will tell her where to find it.

I think it bothers me more than her tbh but it's the first New Years Day she's ever spent alone in her whole life

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