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IKEA Duktig play kitchen down to £49

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tethersend Wed 26-Nov-14 21:14:54


Best play kitchen on the market, IMO.

wickedfairy Wed 26-Nov-14 22:16:45

I second that! Our one has been played with every day for 2years by numerous children and still looks brand new!

One of the best buys ever!

tethersend Thu 27-Nov-14 09:25:40

I agree.

We really should be on commission here grin

TwoLittleTerrors Thu 27-Nov-14 09:33:05

I bought the top part as it was down to £4! We had the lower half for a year and didn't plan to get the top but at that price I couldn't resist. A lot of the kitchen utensils are on sale too:

Agree it's the best play kitchen on the market for the price.

BedPig2013 Thu 27-Nov-14 15:40:01

Can't wait to get this for dd's 2nd birthday in February, and such a good price!

NotEvenAnEnormouseStirred Thu 27-Nov-14 17:57:05

I agree with all the other posters. I got ours for £65 last year.

It's fantastic, a great size and very unobtrusive.

DS1 has played with it nearly every day.

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