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How to surprise DS??

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ChildOfGallifrey Wed 26-Nov-14 16:45:25

DS1 (ASD) is nearly 10 and starting to need his own quiet time so I have finally broken and we gave bought him a 32" TV for his room. Xbox is downstairs a the moment but will be in his room once TV is in there.

DS1 goes to his dads this year from 5pm Xmas eve to 5pm Xmas day. We are having Xmas lunch at Dsis so DS will be dropped there at 5 and open his presents from other family members there. I was thinking of heading home about 7pm and telling DS to check his bed for his stocking (and few small extra presents) and hopefully he will notice the TV all set up and ready to go but wrapped with a big bow.

Would this work???

Also DS2 aged 3 will be watching him open his presents so was thinking of holding a few back from the morning so he can unwrap with his brother.

I don't know why I'm stressing about this!

attheendoftheday Wed 26-Nov-14 18:31:16

I think that all sounds fab! I love the idea of surprising him with an extra present when he thinks it's all over.

Yy to keeping back a present for the little one too.

attheendoftheday Wed 26-Nov-14 18:31:54

But you'll never get him to bed!

ChildOfGallifrey Wed 26-Nov-14 19:21:49

Hadn't thought of that! grin DS2 isn't the easiest to get to bed as it is!

I'm so excited for DS1 as I knew he wanted a TV but wouldn't put it on his list as he said it was too much. I've also been anti TV in his room for a long time but he really needs his own little space and DS2 annoys the hell out of him when he wants to go on the xbox

HaroldLloyd Wed 26-Nov-14 19:23:59

Sounds perfect to me. I would have exploded with happiness at that age!

ChildOfGallifrey Wed 26-Nov-14 19:28:11

Me too! I was telling my DM the other day how I still vividly remember unwrapping a karaoke machine! I was beside myself with excitement. I just have to be prepared for quite a laid back response as DS1 cannot show excitement except through his tics so I can't even video his response for my DM and DF as he's so self conscious if his tics smile

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