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Pregnancy gift ideas?

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elderflowerqueen Wed 26-Nov-14 13:28:38

We're going down the 'no gifts' route this year as my husband is in the process of changing career so money is tight, and I'm now 6+2.

MIL is insistent on getting us something though, which is absolutely fine, and now that she knows about the pregnancy (our first child, and also the first grandchild on his side of the family, so it's kind of a big deal!) she is extra keen.

She had offered to get us a cot but as I'm so early on, I don't want to tempt fate with getting something specifically for the baby, but I thought there is no harm in asking for things that I will need during pregnancy.

Problem is, I have no idea what I'll need! I've sent her a link to a couple of tummy butters as I've had stretchmarks before with weight gain but other than that I can't think of much. I had thought of a body pillow but quickly realised I would be better off waiting to see what issues my body has later on in order to determine what shape of pillow I need. And maternity clothes - again no idea what size I will be/need and I mostly wear dresses so would rather be able to try something on first as I find it hard to get ones that fit my bust just now.

Is there anything that was indisposable to you during your pregnancy that might be worth asking MIL Claus that's not particularly obvious? Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Yoruba Wed 26-Nov-14 13:37:11

Pregnancy massage or spa day for when you're almost due and feeling rubbish.
Lovely dressing gown and slippers
Magazine subscription - maybe a parenting one if that's the type of thing you like? Or books about pregnancy and birth etc - my mum gave me a lovely hard back book about pregnancy when I was pregnant with dd.
Neals yard do really nice gentle cosmetics and body oils etc.

Wilf83 Wed 26-Nov-14 13:40:42

Are there any places near you that do pregnancy massages? You could ask her to get you some gift vouchers from there so you could treat yourself?

Or a pregnancy journal?

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