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Buying to receive Christmas gifts, whats your view?

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sweetpud Wed 26-Nov-14 12:44:05

I've always bought my Brother's grandchildren( so my great nieces and nephews) nice little gifts at Christmas, and the family is slowly getting bigger. My children are all grown up so I don't expect anything in return, but sometimes a thank-you from the children and their parents would be nice, but its usually my Brother and SIL that say the thankyou's.

My brother gives myself and my DH a little gift or two aswell and generally we do likewise, I think its like a little extra thankyou, which I've always thought was nice, and who doesn't like pressie's at Christmas?

I was told last year by my brother that they are no longer buying for any adults, but only the children from now on. Basically what they mean is they are only buying for their own grandkids, as there are not any young children in the family now!
The reason given wasn't an answer of we haven't got the money, but instead was because of not knowing what to buy anymore, so can't be bothered.

Ok so all that said, we are still going to get all the children some gifts, though this will be expected of us, rather than actually said out loud!
I must admit that I don't mind getting the children something but i'm left feeling a little let down by the way I was told, and I will admit a little disappointed too.

We live 120 miles away so only see them once a year, and some of the youngest ones don't even know who we are. We always travel to see them as we visit Uncles and Aunts whilst there.

Am I wrong to feel guilty about thinking like this, I know that you don't give to receive etc, but I can't help but feel a little flat, used even!

attheendoftheday Wed 26-Nov-14 12:51:52

If you don't want to buy for the children then this would be an ok time to stop I think. It doesn't sound as though you're especially close.

I don't understand why you would expect your db to reciprocate presents to you great nieces/nephews. That doesn't seem totally fair.

Generally I think relatives buy for children because they want to, so if you don't then I would stop.

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