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apart from a christmas tree, what other decorations do you have ?

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Zazzabeans Wed 26-Nov-14 11:12:37

looking to get a few more bits for the sitting room, need inspiration smile

NoLongerJustAShopGirl Wed 26-Nov-14 11:33:51

The kids make paper chains, I have made a felt tree skirt and a Snowman wall hanging and have stuck some felt robins and penguins on to little pegs for a card hanging string.

We have red felt hangings saying Merry Christmas and a fake pine garland loaded with pinecones and "stuff" for the mantlepiece. We have a fake fire - electric but with stones and pinecones - more cones and tinsel added for Christmas... We hang lights in the window and have beaded snowflakes hanging down too.. Red candles on "gold" candlesticks - the whole shebang...

Looks like Christmas fairy vomit all over the place... but we love it....

chanie44 Wed 26-Nov-14 16:40:20

I raid the pounds shops and have a variety of tack crap on the ceiling.

HolgerDanske Wed 26-Nov-14 18:52:05

Living room:

On my side table: A holly-themed mini-tablecloth in red, green and gold on which stands a heart-shaped candlestick with a red candle, tied with a red ribbon and a sprig of holly

On the sideboard: An advent candle holder filled with gold-sprayed walnuts

On the TV stand: A glass bowl vase filled with red pot pourri (mandarin, Clove and cinnamon)

Baubles strung up in the windows

On the balustrade: A string of lights and a garland with maileg Christmas ornaments made up to be an advent calendar

Standing next to the sofa: A big maileg goose which I've named Matilda (this is her first year with us)

On the bookshelf: maileg Father Christmas and his sack of gifts, maileg Christmas mice sitting in their Christmas tea cup, and maileg wooden Christmas pig candlesticks, along with Danish woven paper hearts

On the sofa: knitted cushion in grey and white and a red maileg Christmas pig


Zinc candle holders and red candles tied with red gingham ribbon, and a nisse couple (danish Christmas elves or trolls) on the window sill
A zinc garland with angels on it hung across the window
A red metal heart hanging on the wall

Front door: a zinc heart basket filled with holly and tied with gingham ribbon

Poolomoomon Wed 26-Nov-14 21:43:16

Fireplace is decorated. Usually have a garland but this year I think I might ditch it in favour of a more 'kitsch' sort of theme. I've got a lot of candles- decorative and scented (Christmas yankee candles mainly), nutcrackers, nativity nesting dolls etc. Also have the wooden advent calendar on there and the mirror above the fireplace has lights around it. We also have a "holiday tree" which we decorate for the three big holidays- Easter, Halloween and Christmas so that has its place too. The bookcase in the room is lined with christmas books and dvds... I've got a beautiful gingerbread men garland to hang above the sofa. The sofa itself has a tartan throw and christmas cushions.

Kitchen: christmas bunting and fairy lights on the wall above the table and chairs. Red and white polka dot tablecloth, I have tealight holders that spell out Joyeux Noel in the middle of the table. Snowman kitchen roll and ecover festive scented washing up liquid is a must wink. Christmas mugs on the mug tree and mince pies in the Emma Bridgewater mince pie tin!

Bathroom: got a penguin shower curtain, east of India candles, snowman loo roll and a lot of Christmas lush products.

Our bedroom: christmas duvet, fairy lights above bed.

DC bedroom: christmas duvets, their first Christmas bears on their beds. A christmas bunting above their beds.

Doorway: Christmas door mat, wreath on inside and outside of door. Outside one has lights around it and I have lights around the topiary trees either side of the door.

The whole house has some form of Christmas in it!

Zazzabeans Wed 26-Nov-14 21:55:05

Wow, some fab ideas smile

southeastastra Wed 26-Nov-14 22:00:53

a reindeer head from John lewis

Mrsgrumble Wed 26-Nov-14 22:16:11

For the sitting room
White berry wreath on large mirror above fireplace
Garland for the fireplace with personalised wooden sign 'Christmas at the Grumbles' white candlestick and clock
White chrismas bunting
Lots of chunky white candles (might get battery operated this year though)
Tartan and stag Christmas cushions (Matalan)
Pearl fairy lights for small window
Usually a centrepiece type of thing for the coffee table but not this year due to DS

Gingerbread men statue
Wihte fairy lights on kitchen window
Gold table mats
Christmas tea towels draped over oven door etc
Red hearts on dresser
Nordic draught excluder

Red berry garland along bannister
Old time Christmas sign

CaisleanDraiochta Thu 27-Nov-14 00:22:05

Living room: Huge tree that means we have to move all furniture around to accomadate each year. On the opposite wall, a string of baubles that spell out 'Merry Christmas' which twinkle reflecting the tree lights. Front window has icile lights and DC usually arrange a Christmas scene out of their toys-Happyland Santa set, snowman & snowdog etc (will probably feature penguins this year hmm)
On the sideboard we have our Yule log (real wood not chocolate) that has carved indents to put the 4 candles we light, from the 21st up to Christmas Eve. This is flanked by a nativity crib scene ornament on one side and a traditional, fireplace with stockings, christmas scene ornament on the other.

Dining room: Red tablecloth on the table with a bowl of seasonal scented pot pourri. I usually have a non-scented, multiwick candle in the middle, to be lit during meals. White criss-cross lights on the back windows. Top of the dresser is usually home to a poisettia or two plus probably more candles, but they get shifted around a bit once the gingerbread house goes up there and the bowls of sweets that usually stay out for all of Christamas.
We have a kind of archway between the 2 rooms that I've taken to putting a string of fairy lights, with a tacky star decoration hung from the middle. Its just a cardboard foldout covered in gold foil that I bought in poundland when DD was a baby. She was obsessed with it and I hung it over her cot in the end. So it comes out every year now and reminds me of how much they have grown already.
Also we have those strings with pegs for hanging cards dotted around wherever downstairs and as many paper chains the DC's make, again hung wherever there is a gap.

Hallway: Wreath on front door and snowflake lights and strung decorations hung from the ceiling down the length of the hall. Hanging advent pocket thing (ready to be filled with chocolates goes under the clock and the lego advent calendars on the table underneath.
I wind tinsel and yet more fairy lights up the bannisters and round the balustrades along the landing. the DC have a chalkboard countdown until Chrismas up here, which DS has been religiously updating everyday since last year!

Bedrooms: I have never decorated the bedrooms much but I'm seriously tempted to get some Christmassy bedding- maybe in the sales ready for next year grin The DC usually put those removable stickers all over their bedroom windows and i have a couple more lights (a snowman and a Merry Christmas one) that go in my window as it is at the front of the house.

That's about it, but looking back its loads blush but its been gradually built up over time and everything has a special meaning for us. They start getting put up from the first week of December onwards and don't come down again until we feel like it- not usually until mid-January at least! Also its heavy on the lights and candles as I find the sensory input lovely and relaxing.

cherubimandseraphim Thu 27-Nov-14 00:35:05

As well as the tree, I have a variety of knick-knacks I save for Christmas (and our house is quite small and minimalist so I have too many in boxes from a previous larger, older house and now have to rotate them! And some are too delicate for rampaging toddlers, so they are staying in the boxes for a year or so). This year I've planned a Scandi rustic theme:

--two red wooden heart-shaped candlesticks on the kitchen windowsill
--Livingly red paper hearts hanging in the windows and on the tree
--fairy lights on bookcase
--penguin paper ornaments, battery-powered tealights in little paper houses, also on bookshelf
--felt berry wreath hanging by door (a friend made this for me last year as it's very toddler friendly - no toxic choking hazard berries to fall off!)

In years past I used to do loads of lit candles in Turkish teaglasses, and berried holly and mistletoe wreaths on the fireplace and bookshelf, but those things are definitely not toddler-friendly, so this year everything is paper, card, felt and wood. Tree secs are also mostly the same. Usually have white fairy lights but am considering coloured ones this year!

MrsGolightly Thu 27-Nov-14 00:43:41

and here's me thinking myself and my best mate were the only women in the world that are xmas decorations mad... I bloody love Mumsnet.
Will post my list tomorrow grin

Redglitter Thu 27-Nov-14 00:58:06

None blush

lauranorder50 Thu 27-Nov-14 01:29:10

Christmas Tree decorated with fairy lights and ornaments and tinsel. Nativity set that I got in a pop up shop years ago. Apart from Christmas cards that's about it.

I went for less is more. I've pared down the Christmas decorations over the years. I got to fed up with putting the garlands across the ceiling to find them all come down the next day.....and repeat.

However, those of you are, 'having a massive Christmas right in your face, with Christmas decorations you can see from space' I say go for it.

HolgerDanske Thu 27-Nov-14 06:17:52

Mind you I'm not sure I'll actually put it all up. Not really feeling it this year fsmile

Lagoonablue Thu 27-Nov-14 06:22:09

A tree in bay window with lights and baubles.

A vase full of holly on the dining room table.

Cards on a card holder in the hall.

Less is more for me.

HolgerDanske Thu 27-Nov-14 06:26:10

Believe it or not the list I posted yesterday was my attempt at less is more - last year was just ridiculous with waaaaay too much stuff all over the place.

But yeah, if I'm honest, I'm not sure I'm even going to have a tree this year...

Thumbwitch Thu 27-Nov-14 06:26:13

As well as the tree:
baubles that I hang from the side-light brackets
A long piece of fake fir that hangs over the arch between the kitchen and living room, and that has fake red berries in it and fake icicles hanging from it.
Tinsel around the mantelpiece mirror
Strung baubles hanging from the mantelshelf
If I'm really going for it, I'll put tinsel around the picture frames as well but I haven't bothered the last couple of years
Fake snow snowflakes sprayed on the back window (which is really our front door end)
A net of white lights on the street-side window
A light up wire-frame reindeer with a moving head for outdoors
A light-up wire frame with tinsel in-fill train for indoors - this won't go out this year, or indeed until the toddler is big enough to be trained not to touch it (not currently the case)
Think that's it. Don't really do anything outdoors apart from the reindeer at the back (front) door.

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