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Help! Gift for woman I've never met before!

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oneofthosenicemuslims2015 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:21:56

Going to Belgium this Christmas (dh family). His aunt who we both know nothing about and who dh hasn't seen in about 30 years will be there.

What on earth do we get her? She is around 70. No other info. Between feeding dd and attempting any form of housework and trying not to fall asleep in my cereal bowl, I am stumped! Any suggestions gratefully received smile

schmeegle Tue 25-Nov-14 10:47:30

Hey there,

I have belgian family too. They love it when we bring tea bags, as they generally only get liptons over there. Also marmalade for some reason!

Sorry this is all pretty useless information wink

I'd probably bring something she can't get otherwise and probably food oriented. They're mad foodies over there.

Redtartanshoes Tue 25-Nov-14 10:49:34

You could make her a hamper of naice things. Shortbread, nice tea, crackers, chocolates, wine?

Or a nice candle?


TheSpottedZebra Tue 25-Nov-14 10:51:49

Could you go for the old fallback of buying 'something quintessentially British that their country doesn't really do but still is not that odd seeming'?

So, lovely teas, perhaps marmalade and a Britishy jam -erm, specific variety of strawberry? Lemon curd? Plus shortbread etc etc.

Or the most generic present ever, a scented candle.

VoyagesOfAStarship Tue 25-Nov-14 10:52:27

I think you need some kind of info – the first things that spring to mind for me are fancy hand cream, beautiful scarf or something posh to eat. But you'd have to know if she's that kind of person/has any allergies etc. Is there anyone who knows her you can ask?

Maybe hand cream would be good for most people, even if she's an outdoorsy or non-glamorous type it would still be useful.

TheSpottedZebra Tue 25-Nov-14 10:52:38

Oh, I got very distracted there and it took me ages to post. Hence the repetition!

oneofthosenicemuslims2015 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:54:11

Thanks schmeegle, this ties in with something my neighbour said about taking over random crisps and chocolate selection boxes to her family in Belgium as they don't have those things there. Personally would never have thought to take chocolate to Belgium, it seems so counter intuitive! I'm a Tetley tea kinda gal, is there any naice teabags I should take? Would go well with the other gift I got which is a tea set grin

GoodKingQuintless Tue 25-Nov-14 10:54:14

Shortbread, lemon curd, fig jam, and other nice food items. My aunts love Lavender Handcream from Norfolk Lavender (or maybe continental Europe has enough Lavender themselves!). Maybe some shower gel and lotion from Arran Aromatics?

I would not bring nice candles from Britain (Sorry)
Good quality candles here are really pricey, and overseas you may find good quality candles cheaply. They may therefore think you are fobbing them off with a really naff cheap gift. I was so embarrassed the year I spent £15 each on lovely Fig candles, only to find you could find equivalent for £3....

oneofthosenicemuslims2015 Tue 25-Nov-14 10:59:01

X post, this is an awesome idea and potentially not too costly! Waitrose is posh isn't it, maybe I can see if they have any fancy shortbread etc. Dd has awoken! <dons super mum cape and away! >

GoodKingQuintless Tue 25-Nov-14 11:25:57

If in Waitrose, look out for the Duchy short breads with a hint of Rose, and Lemon is also nice. But I prefer Rose. It is very subtle.

coffeetofunction Tue 25-Nov-14 11:56:23

What about photo book with family members in. Easy for travel, something she can look at time again or A nice silk scarf?

oneofthosenicemuslims2015 Tue 25-Nov-14 16:53:01

Am going with the hamper idea. So far for possible inclusion:

Tea - any suggestions here?
Shortbread - trip to waitrose.
Small pamper set (thinking ones for tenner of amazon like this

Just need to get a basket thing to put it in. Any suggestions for cheap basket type receptacle very welcome smile and clear wrap and ribbon. Or is that over the top. I'm on a budget. confused

schmeegle Tue 25-Nov-14 17:09:13

Are you flying or taking the ferry? Just wondering about the logistics of transporting a hamper.

You could always get a fancy bag, jute or something, tied with a nice ribbon, and assemble it when you get there.

Tea-wise, I'm in Ireland so we always bring Lyons or Barrys. The key with the tea is strength I think. They typically get much weaker tea over there so the stronger tea is a change.

I'm with you re the chocolates. Theirs are so fab it would be hard to bring anything to compete with them.

Shortbread would go down really well I think, and marmalade. And thats a very cute little pamper set and something she would be unlikely to come across in Belgium.

You're sweet to put so much thought into it!

oneofthosenicemuslims2015 Tue 25-Nov-14 17:33:20

GoodKing this is what I don't want to happen! To take something I think is naice for it to end up being shoddy and tat by Belgian standards. Overthinking it perhaps.

Thanks schmee we are driving there taking the tunnel. We have a decent sized boot so shouldn't be too much faff fitting it all in. Off to google bags/baskets

Lovage Tue 25-Nov-14 17:43:59

Yorkshire tea for sure!

NorbertDentressangle Tue 25-Nov-14 17:46:47


Redtartanshoes Tue 25-Nov-14 21:13:42

Baskets and ribbon from dunelm mill, clear cellophane is dead cheap from local florists.

Jam/chutney/oatcakes/cheese/Florentines/baileys/hand cream

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