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What size christmas tree to get?

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DaffodilField Tue 25-Nov-14 09:54:35

I am ordering our christmas tree (online, for delivery - seems v decadent). What height should I get? We have high ceilings and two children liable to pull it down. I was thinking four foot so is taller than 4 yo dd so will seem nice and big. though am tempted by 5 foot. Hmmmmm

RunawayReindeer Tue 25-Nov-14 11:39:11

Oh,I was coming on to suggest 7ft fgrin i like the extra space to decorate.... 4ft seems a bit on the small side... Perhaps the 5ft so it is a decent size once star etc on??

bobs123 Tue 25-Nov-14 11:41:35

Is it a real one? If it is a fake one I would go for a bigger one - 6-7ft if you have high ceilings. Otherwise you will just be replacing it in a few years

ilovepowerhoop Tue 25-Nov-14 11:42:41

Ours is fake and just over 6 feet. We have normal height ceilings

Doublethecuddles Tue 25-Nov-14 11:44:39

Go big, if the ceilings are high, a small tree will look mean! I like a tree that fills the corner of a room.

RedToothBrush Tue 25-Nov-14 12:08:35

5ft is not actually that big once you have it in the room. Your issue is more the diameter of the tree, if you go real.

There's nothing wrong with 4ft (especially if you have small children), but I do think they need to be put on a table or stand otherwise they look a bit underwhelming and/or mean.

Don't forget that Christmas trees have a long branch at the top so the effect is to generally make the tree shorter than the real height.

6ft is where it starts to get big imo.

DaffodilField Tue 25-Nov-14 13:04:47

It is a real tree. Hmmmm - maybe 5 ft good compromise then.

chloejaynemummy Tue 25-Nov-14 13:16:25

We brought a 7 ft as our ceilings are about 9 ft but it's so wide but I love it looks really christmasy xx

RunawayReindeer Wed 26-Nov-14 23:08:01

Obviously door is somewhat out of use fwink

Poolomoomon Wed 26-Nov-14 23:10:48

We usually have a (real) seven foot, this year opting for a six foot to fit under the bay window. Four foot is too tiny IMO, I couldn't personally go smaller than 6 foot but there you go. I have seen some real 5 foot ones that look pretty! Very vintage looking.

DaffodilField Wed 26-Nov-14 23:28:27

I like the pic. Wishing I'd gone bigger now. Went for 5 ft in end. Will seem big to the kids anyway.

RunawayReindeer Wed 26-Nov-14 23:32:11

Why thank you! Dd (4) decorated..... Standing on the sofa hmm but dh hates it if that's any consolation?

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