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I need to buy a 7 and 11 year old girl a present - help!

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Naruthirdis Tue 25-Nov-14 07:32:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenofallIsee Tue 25-Nov-14 12:39:31

YOu won't get a leather one but I got my daughter LYDC satchels for less than £20 each - like this one. They have them on Amazon I think

INickedAName Tue 25-Nov-14 13:04:23

I love that satchel

Could you ask their Mums or Dads if there is anything in particular?

Do either of them have iPads or an android tablet? You could buy an iTunes voucher or google play voucher for them to buy games or software on it.

If they have access to a console and don't already have it then Minecraft is popular, and there is a ton of toys, stationary etc. There is a few minecraft origami kits that's about £15 in Tescos, it's expensive but dd has gotten hours and hours out of them.

And the minecraft youtuber stampylongnose has just released a line of bags and pyjamas etc if they like him. (I've not checked prices yet)

If either likes Disney, the DVDs are on offer in Sainsburies starting at £7. There's Barbies and Monster High dolls but it's tricky without knowing their personalities.

How about a nice grown up pretty journal/diary?

If either of them like reading you could get a book box set, like roal Dahl or Michael Morpergo.

Good Luck, I just give money or vouchers as I always always get it wrong lol.

mabelbabel Tue 25-Nov-14 13:37:16

I've bought a satchel as a gift for my niece from Paperchase for £20 - they have silver or pink glittery ones and it does look really nice. I also used a £5 off voucher that I got last time I went to buy some cards etc. I had to order on line as they didn't have them in stock in our local shop.

amidaiwish Tue 25-Nov-14 20:24:33

Go to Smiggle! Can't go wrong with a bit of smiggle :-) (i have 8 and 10 yo DDs)

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