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Gift for static caravanners

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lynniep Mon 24-Nov-14 13:24:29

My MIL and her DFiance have a caravan. Its quite a fancy one, and tbh it seems to be equipped as well as the house, but I'm stuck for a christmas pressie, so I thought something (else) for the caravan might be good as they spend a lot of time there.

I'm a bit stuck at this point though. She has two docs (cairn terriers) and I was thinking maybe a doormat, but I can't find one specific to cairns. They don't need anything to 'heat themselves up' because they keep it stiflingly, overwhelmingly hot in there.

Am floundering a bit. Any ideas anyone? (They are late 60's btw)

lynniep Mon 24-Nov-14 13:24:42

dogs! not docs!

Lifesalemon Mon 24-Nov-14 15:09:53

There's a Cairn terrier printed cushion on amazon.

erin99 Mon 24-Nov-14 16:06:12

My parents' 2nd home's kitchen was stocked with odd bits and bobs from home - the 3rd best cheese grater that no one ever liked, nutella glasses, chipped odd plates from 1970, blunt chopping knives. Presents they've appreciated and used were basically new kitchen stuff. Towels, I think, would have fallen into the same category.

However if they have been out and bought new rather than using all their old stuff there, obviously no good at all.


kiwidreamer Mon 24-Nov-14 16:19:10

Sandstone whiskey stones - on the basis they wont have much freezer space to accommodate ice?? my folks have a caravan and space seems to be the biggest factor, they said they'd like one of those Breville hand held Wisk / chopper / blender thingies so one appliance that does many jobs.

lynniep Mon 24-Nov-14 22:16:56

Thanks for the ideas folks. It pretty much sparkles. Its literally a new model caravan. and everything in there (down to kitchen canisters) is done out in beige with a red accent. I'm wondering actually (on 'paper') as I type about some sort of fancy magazine rack as when we were there, there were piles of papers down the side of the sofa.

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