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Is this a thing and is it a good idea?

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Pointlessfan Sun 23-Nov-14 18:31:39

My SIL has 2 small children (primary age). We never know what to get the family for Xmas and usually end up giving the kids toys, of which they all ready have hundreds and then DVDs, chocolate etc to the adults. I hit upon the idea for this year of giving them a voucher for a theme park, Sea Life centre, cinema or something so they can have a family day out.
I've looked online but I can only find discount codes or online booking which isn't really what we want to do. Is it possible to get gift vouchers for such places and if so, is that a good present or do you think the kids would prefer something to unwrap on Xmas day?

PoppyWearer Sun 23-Nov-14 18:36:19

I think it's a fabulous idea.

Yes, you can get vouchers - Merlin vouchers for example, or cinema vouchers.

As a parent I would far rather that than a toy. The child may not appreciate it at the time of opening, but will love the experience later. Could you find a small toy to wrap to fit with the theme of the voucher?

Pointlessfan Sun 23-Nov-14 18:38:42

That's a brilliant idea, if I got a Merlin voucher they could go to Sea Life and I could get a soft toy fish or something to wrap up for each child. Pleased you think it's a good idea. Thank you.

olbas Sun 23-Nov-14 18:39:38

Brilliant idea, so much so that I'm stealing it! grin

KatyMac Sun 23-Nov-14 18:40:44

I think it's a fab idea - make sure the vouchers have a reasonable life (ie not out of date by March) as I got caught out once

Pinkje Sun 23-Nov-14 18:41:03

How about an annual subscription to the National Trust or magazines for everyone.

Pointlessfan Sun 23-Nov-14 18:52:57

That's a good idea too, what sort of magazine would 5 and 7 year olds enjoy?
Pleased others think it's a good idea. I think they'd def enjoy a good day out somewhere.

spideysenses Sun 23-Nov-14 18:53:06

That's a great idea! I might just put it on my list of ideas for next year... grin
I know my own would love that as a gift especially the sealife centre with the little fish to unwrap.

meandjulio Sun 23-Nov-14 18:57:06

magazine for kids - The Phoenix - no adverts, really funny, great stories.

Pinkje Sun 23-Nov-14 18:58:34

National Geographic do a junior edition of their magazine. Would they like a Beano comic perhaps.

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