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Is there a boy-version of the VTech Secret Safe Diary

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WalkingThePlank Sun 23-Nov-14 16:06:10

As the title says, we're looking for a boy version of the VTech secret diary.

Link here

My DD already has one and DS would like one too. We're not against him having a pink one per se but we would need to be able to differentiate between them. Any ideas?

Skyland Sun 23-Nov-14 18:39:11

My son would like one too but I can't see anything similar on the market. Boys like writing too!

WalkingThePlank Sun 23-Nov-14 22:38:45

I found one called Password Journal and showed DS. He's fortunately not fussed about the colour smile

Its strange that only girls are expected to keep secrets. Wondering why that doesn't apply to boys.

sleepymother Sun 23-Nov-14 22:45:48

Anyone who is interested in these diaries - does anyone know whether there is a model that allows you to record voice notes? My daughter has talked about one with this capability but I can't find one anywhere.

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