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Ideas for a Christmas Day pudding that isn't Christmas pudding (or trifle)

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TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 12:30:08

This year, nobody who is around on Christmas Day particularly likes Xmas pudding so I'm looking for ideas for a yummy pudding for Christmas day - something indulgent (possibly creamy and/or chocolatey) which can be made in advance. Any suggestions?

(I'm not too keen on trifle)

elQuintoConyo Sun 23-Nov-14 12:31:06

Oooh, bump (sorry, no ideas myself!) grin

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 12:32:15

I don't have much freezer space so it would have to be made fresh the day before,

elQuintoConyo Sun 23-Nov-14 12:32:19

..but my mum once made Christmas pudding ice cream for herself, it looked tasty and smelled tasty but we weren't allowed to have any

cakewitch Sun 23-Nov-14 12:33:03

Panettone bread and butter pudding. Make the custard with cream, and put some orange zest in it.

elQuintoConyo Sun 23-Nov-14 12:33:11

Ah.. no ice cream, then! We're cross-posting!

LemonBreeland Sun 23-Nov-14 12:33:42

Chocolate roulade, or a nice cheesecake. We also sometimes have sticky toffee pudding here.

LadyintheRadiator Sun 23-Nov-14 12:33:43

It's a Daily Mail link but I make this as we don't like Christmas Pudding: Nigella's Tiramisu layer cake

olaflikeswarmhugs Sun 23-Nov-14 12:35:42

We are having sticky toffee pudding this year smile

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 12:35:48

That tiramisu cake looks amazing. But Ds will sulk as he doesn't like coffee.

We did this once: which was very nice.

Allalonenow Sun 23-Nov-14 12:36:58

Black Forest chocolate cake!

Oh and you'd best have prawn cocktail starters too!

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 12:38:07

That's a bit mean of your mum Quinto

owainsmum Sun 23-Nov-14 12:38:53

Delia's chocolate truffle torte. Very very good and rich and chocolatey, especially with cream on top grin. DH doesn't like Christmas pud so I make this as well. Can be made a day or two in advance, or can even be frozen if you want to make it earlier

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 12:39:00

Black Forest cake would definitely fit my chocolate/ cream brief.

clary Sun 23-Nov-14 12:53:19

I always make a chocolate mousse cake.

It's yummy and creamy and chocolatey! It's quite laborious (separated eggs, egg white beaten, whipped cream etc) and very expensive - I costed it out once when I made it to cut up and sell at a fair and I think it came to about £8 shock. It does feed at least 12 - 16 people tho. I always make it the day before.

Can post recipe if you like OP.

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 13:10:57

That does sound lovely clary. Although I'd probably regret all the egg separating on Christmas eve.

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 13:13:02

Mind you, having rejected egg separating, this does look rather good:

TheSpottedZebra Sun 23-Nov-14 13:14:08

Profiteroles. Make the pastry puffs in advance, fill with cream a few hours before needed if you want, and make the choc sauce the day before. Then to serve, just warm up the sauce, and enjoy.

Or ice cream-filled profiteroles can be made well in advance.

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 13:15:52

Ooh. I've never made choux pastry. Am i brave enough? I could make a profiterole croquembouche-type tower!

ALittleFaith Sun 23-Nov-14 13:20:03

I made this frozen Christmas pudding a couple of years ago. I halved the ingredients and still had plenty. Really delicious! Needs freezer space though.

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 13:20:48

I might have a little experiment with Nigella:

TheSpottedZebra Sun 23-Nov-14 13:21:39

Yeah do it. I'd never made it before 'til the other day and it was lovely and honestly not hard at all. So we're having them again for Xmas! Not a tower though, just a, erm, heap. Perhaps in a festively shaped dish? And with lots and lots of sauce.

I might do a salted caramel sauce as well as a choc.

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 13:22:08

That looks lovely Faith, but freezer space will be at a premium as my mother will be bringing her famous salmon mousses for Boxing day. grin

TriggersBroom Sun 23-Nov-14 13:23:21

Or maybe an alcoholic sauce for the adults and a milk chocolate sauce for the kids Zebra?

TheSpottedZebra Sun 23-Nov-14 13:25:42

See, I really want to make loads of sauces. A choc one, for all. Then a chocolatey and booze one for adults. Maybe with Cointreau for that chocolate orange thang? But also, a sort of mexican inspired chocolate sauce with spices and chilli. And a salted caramel sauce too. And might we need a white chocolate sauce too? Wih rum perhaps?

I really really like pudding you see.

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