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Build-up to Christmas 4 Nights

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Member729128 Sun 23-Nov-14 08:11:05

Every year stories about 'The Oldest Snowman in the World' have to be read in the run-up to Christmas. Mr Crystal is built in story 1 and the children keep him 'alive' until the next Christmas when he goes with Father Christmas to the North Pole so that he will never melt. After that he has adventures involving father Christmas, a disobedient reindeer and a lost penguin. Very funny & I still enjoy them after 4 years. My kids now aged 6, 9 &10. Sets lovely mood & gets them to bed. Author is Eric Johns. Paperback, cheap!

kiwidreamer Sun 23-Nov-14 08:18:04

Is it a series or a single book? Any chance u can link to it so we know which one you are referring to, DS is 6 and some more involved Christmas story lines would be good

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