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Hama Beads

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Callofthewild Sat 22-Nov-14 21:52:05

Hi, please could someone explain these to me? Do you think they would be suitable for my DSD who is 8 and loves crafty things or are they a bit too juvenile. Also are Hobbycraft "Picture Beads" compatible with official Hama Beads? Thanks

Heels99 Sat 22-Nov-14 21:55:52

My dds are 6 and have grown out of them now really

bogiesaremyonlyfriend Sat 22-Nov-14 22:09:16

You can get Hama bead minis which are tiny. Depends on her interests really dd is almost 5 and adores doing them, although she does the bigger 'midi' ones. Has she expressed interest in them? I was about 8 when I got some and loved them

Davros Sat 22-Nov-14 22:37:16

Or get the big jar and set if frames from ikea

GoAndDoSomeWork Sat 22-Nov-14 22:41:39

dd nearly 9 is really into them - she loves making her own designs. Her favourite beads are the glow in the dark one and glitter beads.

Guitargirl Sun 23-Nov-14 08:10:12

I have a nearly 8 year old and she still loves them. As do her friends. She
likes the glow in the dark ones, also themed varieties, we had Halloween beads and will be getting Christmas themed ones.

Callofthewild Sun 23-Nov-14 08:26:37

Thanks for your help, sounds like something she would enjoy.

clearsommespace Sun 23-Nov-14 08:38:56

DCs are almost 12 and almost 10 and still enjoy them.

erin99 Sun 23-Nov-14 11:26:57

DD is turning 8 and they are usually in use in our house. Playdate visitors make something every single time they come.

I would get some big boards so she can do 'freehand' designs. Lots of inspiration on the boxes or online.

A friend of mine prefers aquabeads because you can do 3D stuff, but there are lots of reviews saying they don't stick together very well.

Timeforabiscuit Sun 23-Nov-14 11:30:54

Dd7 still loves doing them, I second getting the large square boards for free styling.

SavoyCabbage Sun 23-Nov-14 11:33:41

My dd's are 11&8 and they like them. We have the ikea ones as well as the real Hama brand things and they are just the same.

You can design all sorts of things (my two just dos some my little ponies with the rectangle) and there are patterns online too.

SavoyCabbage Sun 23-Nov-14 11:35:47


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