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Gifts for dog owners/lovers?

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TheMagicToyshop Sat 22-Nov-14 19:20:36

Never having had a dog I feel a bit lost in the pet aisle! But FIL loves his dog and is really hard to buy for.
So, suggestions? (Modest budget)

LeopardInABobbleHat Sat 22-Nov-14 19:31:01

Do you have any photos stored of FIL's dog or can get one? Vistaprint do printing on mugs etc.

olbas Sat 22-Nov-14 19:31:26

Photo of the dog in a frame maybe including your children in the photo.

OttiliaVonBCup Sat 22-Nov-14 19:34:17

I just bought a microfibre towel from Amazon and might get some extra for his mates. It was a fiver.

There's also games where you put treats in the toys and dog has to find them. They do cost more though.

TurboTheChicken Sat 22-Nov-14 20:35:22

Does he get out and about much? A book of dog walks or dog friendly pubs in your area?

Is he a reader? I've just bought my Dad a copy of Diary of a Dog Walker.

TheMagicToyshop Sun 23-Nov-14 01:25:06

Hmm I think something fun for the dog like a toy would go down best, he's not a very sentimental person but loves playing with and walking the dog. The game sounds good - any idea what it's called?

TheMagicToyshop Sun 23-Nov-14 01:25:34

Oh and thanks for the replies!

manzilkid Sun 23-Nov-14 06:51:00

Search Nina Ottosson toys, they are nice wooden toys, can buy from Amazon also.

financialwizard Sun 23-Nov-14 06:55:48

Kongs are good for dogs too and they do fairly indestructible toys.

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