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A 'have I bought enough for X?' on a low-medium budget thread (hopefully lighthearted!)

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CadburyTime Sat 22-Nov-14 16:47:43

I saw a thread on 'what have you bought your dc's' that didn't end well at all so hope I'm not being incredibly dim starting this one! I always start doubting myself when I've finished buying for dd, especially as we're on a (relatively) small budget, wondering if I've got 'enough' - if anyone else feels the same maybe some mutual reassurance and sharing ideas would go down well?

£50 budget for dd, 11, (for presents & stocking - everything) - have got;

Candyfloss maker (£15 in sale)
Frozen & Monsters University dvds (£2 on TCB offer)
Hairbands, lip gloss & make-up bits (£10 in all)
Cheap ds game (£5)
2 tops & 3 pairs of socks (£4.50 thanks to Primark)
Board game (£1 new from charity shop)
Beano card game (£5)
Fox bag (£5 off Amazon)
... leaving just enough for chocolate & sweets to fill stocking

It's the first year there hasn't been an actual big 'toy' she's wanted (that I can find cheap in Black Friday or similar) so it all looks a bit 'just bits and bobs' but hope it's ok. The only things on her (just made) Christmas list were the ds game, clothes and the make-up bits so am hoping relatives will get more off her list.

Anyone else having present insecurity? blush

schmeegle Sat 22-Nov-14 17:03:55

I think that sounds like a lovely collection of presents for an 11yo to wake up to in Christmas morning!

I'm also suffering massive present insecurity. The rest of our family are all heading to California on a massive group holiday for Christmas, Disney etc. I hate that mine are missing out on it. I'm trying not to compensate by buying extra presents that I know in my heart and soul they don't need.

CadburyTime Sat 22-Nov-14 17:13:31

Thanks schmeegle! That would be making me insecure as well tbh, but if it helps I missed out on a 'one and only' Disney trip when I was young (as the company went bust after we'd booked and my dad got made redundant so they had to use the money elsewhere) and don't feel I missed anything world-changing - I have brilliant memories of a very cheapo holiday in Germany though.

CadburyTime Sat 22-Nov-14 17:14:32

Meant to say it seems pretty random at times what experiences stick as the 'once in a lifetime' ones.

patchesmcp Sat 22-Nov-14 17:15:19

Yes me!

DS will be not quite 4 by the time Christmas is here and I keep looking at his Christmas list and shifting between thinking it's not enough to it being far too much confused

He's having:

A football goal
Lego kits x 2
An Orchard Toys game
Mr Man puzzle
Marble run
Hobby horse (I think)
A poncho towel and umbrella
Books x a million (not quite but there's a lot)
Sticker book
Pants, socks, chocolate

When I read that now I'm tempted to keep some of it back for his birthday.

His sister's getting:

Doll's crib
Playdoh set
Hobby horse
Fairy outfit
Sticker book
Socks, chocolate
Shopping bag
Book (although I'll probably share the ones DS has between them too)

I was going to get them some stuff for garden to share between them but maybe not as reading that back it all sounds far too much.

Any thoughts appreciated!

CadburyTime Sat 22-Nov-14 17:20:29

That all sounds fab patches, sounds like a lovely amount. Had a hobby horse as a kid (well, hobby moose really) and loved it grin

schmeegle Sat 22-Nov-14 17:21:56

That's so true CaburyTime. It's funny the things that do stick in your memory and they are not always the things you would think.

patchesmcp writing everything out in a list is great isn't!

nilbyname Sat 22-Nov-14 17:26:54

op i would have been over the moon with a candy floss maker, what a cool gift!

MrsPear Sat 22-Nov-14 18:43:30

I always worry that i baby ds 1 and he has only just turned 5! No i have not bought him a computer type thing and i don't see why he needs one - i seem to be saying that a lot! Am i so wrong?!

insanityscratching Sat 22-Nov-14 21:04:15

I think it sounds a lovely mix of gifts for your dd. I have an 11 year old and it seems a difficult age to buy for. Dd hasn't really played with toys much for the past year but she's also not bothered about clothes, hair or make up either. So far I've bought dd books (Awful Auntie, Beano and Dandy annuals and a couple of books about pugs) and a cheap Pokemon ds typing game for a fiver that I saw on HDUK.

CadburyTime Sun 23-Nov-14 12:21:40

Thanks everyone - it is a difficult age insanity, too old for the easy toy presents but too young for just clothes etc. DD has only really noticed clothes in the last couple of months since starting secondary and even then just wants more choice rather than any labels, and only mentioned make-up as I was buying some for her older cousins, so I just got her some J20 and Pepsi lip glosses and some mini Bourjois nail polishes which were a steal from Fragrance Direct. But it's strange tackling the first year where there's nothing she's 'dying for'. She admired a candyfloss maker months ago though and it's a VERY rare treat usually so hope she'll be over the moon grin

MrsPear - I don't think you're wrong but I seem to be fast joining the minority of 'those' parents who are automatically old-fashioned for not wanting to keep up with technology for their kids (and I'm barely in my 30's!). DD only has a Kindle (joint 10th birthday present with the grandparents as she reads so much and it made sense for all the free/cheap Kindle books), a ds lite (originally my ancient donated one then when that gave up on life she bought a 2nd hand one with her savings), shared use of DH's Xbox360 (for Minecraft), and a £10 mobile, but 2/3 year old relatives in our family have tablets and Ipads and everyone at school apparently has an Iphone and the rest. I just don't see the point - she uses my laptop for homework (and Neopets) and doesn't need to be online so much that her own tablet/laptop would be useful, let alone why she'd need an Iphone. But I definitely feel in a shrinking minority! As far as I can see she can have all these things when she has an adult earning/spending power (which does include being an older teen to be fair if you have a part time job, savings and/or adults willing to spend that on you) and really needs them.

dashoflime Sun 23-Nov-14 12:38:30

Ooh I love these threads. Ds will be 2 and 5 months. On the list so far:

Plastic Tea Set (cups, tea pot, saucers)
3/4 piece jigsaw set
Couple of new Schleich animals
Something Peppa Pig related. He would like this case but i would have to remove the jewellry due to the chocking risk, which seems a waste.

Does anyone else find 2 and a half a tough age to buy for?
He's just getting into imaginative play but a lot of the pretend toys on the market are not safe for under 3's.

fuzzpig Sun 23-Nov-14 14:44:01

Have you tried happyland from ELC, dash? That was the bulk of the presents when mine were that age, and actually they still play with it now age 5 and 7 (I keep trying to hide it in the attic but they refuse!).

Although it now occurs to me you mean the toy food and that sort of thing rather than 'small world' toys sorry blush

fuzzpig Sun 23-Nov-14 14:46:13

Anyway the list sounds great OP, what game did you get? smile

I haven't got my DCs much yet, they will mostly be getting lego, board games and books. DD has a monster high doll which DH found cheap.

1122christy Sun 23-Nov-14 14:52:41

Dash my daughter just got that peppa pig case for her birthday but She also got a peppa pig medical case which might appeal to you more? It looks the same as the jewellery one but has doctor kit stuff in it.$ja=cgid:18262527325%7Ctsid:59156%7Ccid:189934165%7Clid:105251120005%7Cnw:g%7Ccrid:58889217205%7Crnd:11211736622997395032%7Cdvc:t%7Cadp:1o1%7Cbku:1

Also she loves fisher price little people figures, they have batman etc ones.x

CadburyTime Sun 23-Nov-14 19:03:55

Not sure if you meant ds game or board game fuzzpig but I got a Neopets ds game and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire board game - I think it's a pretty old edition but still, can't be bad for £1 and dd likes games you can just 'do' rather than long winded strategy games (talked the grandparents into buying Ticket To Ride last year as a family game and I love it but can't get anyone else to play very often hmm ).

Am probably quite out of date with my dd dash but have bought bits more recently for my godchildren and I think things like the Melissa & Doug play sets go down really well, they're pricey but they often seem to be in some sale somewhere or other, would put money on them being in the Amazon Black Friday week this week. It's a PITA but you have to watch the age rating on some of those things - some of them are a 'do not give to under 3, small parts included' type rating but some are a 'recommended to age 3-4' (but would be perfectly safe for a slightly younger child) type, which is annoying.

dashoflime Mon 24-Nov-14 03:33:18

fuzzpig He already has play figures. You are right, I meant more pretend food, cups and saucers sort of things. He loves playing with these at playgroup.

1122christy All the Peppa pig cases seem to have small parts. I think whichever one i get, I will have to ditch the contents. Ds can still enjoy putting things in the case and taking them out.

Cadburytime Agree. Sometimes its really hard to tell if the manufacturer means "Kids over 3 will probably enjoy this more" or "Dont, under any circumstances give this to a 2 Year old- unless you want them to die"
In the shops, you can check the safety info on the box but online the difference is often unclear.

I found a plastic tea set by "Tim and Lou" which is safe for 2 years and up. Its the only one I could find, so I am really happy with that.

VanillaKip Mon 24-Nov-14 10:03:36

I keep wavering between thinking I am getting too much, and thinking I should get a couple more lego sets things.

DC1 is getting under the tree and in her stocking:
Pyjamas, knitted dress, Sagaland board game, Pippi Longstocking and Roald Dahl audiobooks, colouring book, "grown-up" colouring pens, lego jet-ski set, chocolate angels, sugar mouse, shiny red apple.

DC2 is getting pyjamas, knitted dress, cuddly dragon, dragon picture book, orchard toys gingerbread man board game, Thomas the tank engine audiobook, chunky colouring pens, sketch pad, chocolate snowmen, sugar mouse, shiny red apple.

It looks quite a lot now I have written it down, so I think it is enough grin.

glidingpig Mon 24-Nov-14 18:49:55

I think the candyfloss maker sounds totally brilliant.

I normally list presents in a spreadsheet (cause I'm so cool) and so far 4yo DD has got:

Frozen cushion for her room
Dress-up tutu thing
2 big Lalaloopsy dolls and 2 small ones (she asked Santa for "lots of big Lalaloopsies", I explained that at £20+ new in the shops there probably wouldn't be lots, but have been scouring eBay for months and got some in good nick for a few quid each!)
Toy castle

We need to get a couple of books, plus some bubble bath (a tradition) and small bits for her stocking, and there's always an orange. That is enough for a four year old, right? I know my mum will give her books, too.

LovelyWeatherForDucks Mon 24-Nov-14 19:23:54

Ooh I like reading these threads. Haven't yet made a list of DS presents (2.3) so here goes...
ELC wooden garage (£24 in the sale!)
Mini micro scooter (£50 of it paid for with nectar points)
Bigjigs Rail train shed and tunnel
Brio powered train
Two Thomas wooden trains (ordered from eBay China very very cheaply hmm)
Orchard Shopping List game
Little set of train books from TK Maxx
Things that Go and 1000 animals books (£3.99 from book people)

And that's all - Hmm I don't have any stocking bits at all! The trains and little books can go in his stocking, will pop in a satsuma and something little and chocolaty, and will raid Hawkins bazaar for a couple of silly things, and a couple of die-cast cars from the £ shop, oh and I ordered a vehicle snap game too. Sorted!

NotEvenAnEnormouseStirred Mon 24-Nov-14 20:25:38

That sounds great lovely, very similar to what I've got DS1 last year.

This year
DS1(3) has
A toy drill and toolbox
A small jcb digger toy
I've gotten him some diecast corgi cars for his stocking, 2 schleich giraffes, a gruffalo chocolate lolly and some shortbread. As well as the practical socks, underpants, a new hat and scarf set and some matey bubblebath.

DS2 (10 months) has
A steering wheel for his buggy
An orange tree toys wooden fire engine
His stocking has a reindeer comforter, 2 schleich zebras, Julia Donaldson acorn wood board books set. Same practical items as DS1.

They also have a set of Julia Donaldson books from the book people to share between them and their own special decoration for the tree.

I think it's enough but I'm starting to get the twitch.

NotEvenAnEnormouseStirred Mon 24-Nov-14 20:26:56

glidingpig I have a special app for keeping track of things blush

owlandthehedgehog Mon 24-Nov-14 21:18:46

dd aged 3:

Pram from FC
Books from us

ds aged 7:

Medium sized playmobil set from FC
Books from us (I just realised earlier that we've bought him 11 books and only 2 for dd, I'll have to get her another few!)

They will also get a stocking each with chocs and a few small bits.

We don't buy loads but we do also have family that will buy for them. Every year FC gets them one big present then a stocking with small small stuff in it. And every year we only buy them books.

Daydreamersea Tue 25-Nov-14 00:32:40

I got my DD a candy floss maker for her birthday they are great, do let it heat up though for the minimum of 5 mins or longer for it to work it's best.

I'm pleased to see more normal lists on here more akin to mine as I was worrying I hadn't got them enough.

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