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Just found a really good book for dc who ask lots of hard questions about how things work.

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ThrowAChickenInTheAir Sat 22-Nov-14 10:10:31

This. Took a chance and ordered it for ds (age13). It's just arrived and is pretty good! Thought I'd share smile

rockinghorseShit Sat 22-Nov-14 10:21:16

thanks, that looks great! I've put it in my wish list. smile

ilovelamp82 Sat 22-Nov-14 10:25:23

I thought you meant about how father Christmas worked. Then a read he was 13 and thought wow! How does he still believe at 13 grin

ThrowAChickenInTheAir Sat 22-Nov-14 11:15:47

Lol..he hasn't actually said he doesn't. I think all my dc are keeping it going for me nowadays grin

WreckTheHalls Sat 22-Nov-14 12:33:51

Looks good! Might order for super geek DS grin

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Sat 22-Nov-14 12:39:38

Oh yes DS had that from the library and was engrossed, even if he didn't understand it all! (He is only 6 but already obsessed with how things work!)

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