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Presents we can't wait to give!

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Hurricaneinateacup Fri 21-Nov-14 20:21:28

I've found ds (5) a dinosaur game off eBay. It's second hand but is boxed and looks brand new, it isn't available in the shops anymore.
Anyway it's like an interactive game where the dinosaurs go on top of the pad thing and it tells you facts and you can play a quiz etc. ds is going to absolutely adore it. I can't wait to give it to him!

What gift are you looking forward most to giving?

Angelto5 Fri 21-Nov-14 20:30:25

Finally managed to get all lion king films (trilogy)on DVD in a box set for my dc's.

£17 from asda!

Frontron Fri 21-Nov-14 22:44:20

I can't wait for our ds' s to open their lego train sets. They don't think they're going to be able to have them because they're so expensive and when grandad took them to the toy shop last weekend they were sold out. Good old tesco clubcard vouchers sorted both the trains a little while ago tho. I'm going to hide them away and bring them out when they've opened their other presents (along the 18 batteries required!)

xalyssx Fri 21-Nov-14 22:49:00

I have got DP a telescope, and DS1 has a Thomas toy with all slidey things and beepy bits grin

FourthMary Fri 21-Nov-14 22:51:28

I have secretly been saving and bought dh tickets to see a band he loves, we usually only spend £20 on each other so he won't be expecting it at all. He knows we can't afford the £120 so is gutted we can't see them fsmile. I cannot bloody wait to tell him, its on the end of my tongue permanently.

Theas18 Fri 21-Nov-14 22:56:03

At the moment it's the pound land Frozen tissues for the stockings����the girls may be 21 and 15 but they'll love them!

I have an idea for a book/ decorated bag combo for each of them that I can't wait to give but I've got to make 1st ( think a copy of Lord of the rings in a canvas bag with the " not all who wander are lost" quote in one of the scripts might be one .... But maybe not I've got to get exactly the right thing for each)

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Fri 21-Nov-14 22:59:11

I can't wait for my 4 year old to open his stomp rocket. I doubt he'll even notice he has other toys after opening that.

306235388 Fri 21-Nov-14 23:02:02

For Ds - his Real Madrid strip and subbuteo set. He's already written his Santa list and said he'd ask for subbuteo next year because he didn't want to be greedy. He'll be overjoyed!

For dd - probably her snow glow elsa and anna tutu dress. Having said that I think she'll be delighted Santa's got her a skipping rope with wooden handles like she's asked for.

Dh - subbuteo team of his team

Mum - gorgeous felt brooch

PeggaPip Fri 21-Nov-14 23:02:26

DS- Gooie Louie! He's been asking for it for the past 2 years!
DD- Art desk

306235388 Fri 21-Nov-14 23:04:17

fourthmary I got dh and his mate tickets for the stone roses reunion gig a few years ago. I was desperate to tell him for months!

Hoppinggreen Fri 21-Nov-14 23:09:16

Just bought DD a Jack Wills bag for her birthday on 23December!!
Can't wait to see her face.

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Fri 21-Nov-14 23:14:11

Not got much yet, but I have got a rather lovely knight costume for DS (something he has begged for at various castles we visited etc in the past), and an Anna Frozen dress for DD (free with Nectar points, bonus!) - she has up till now been the only girl in her nursery/school classes without any sort of princess dress and although she's not complained, I know she's going to love it! (Though she'll also love borrowing DS's "armour" knowing her!).

Mel0Drama Fri 21-Nov-14 23:14:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PesoPenguin Sat 22-Nov-14 07:56:22

I can't wait to give DS his motorbike as he's going to love it and it will be a wonderful new hobby for him. I'm so excited!

solitudehappiness Sat 22-Nov-14 08:01:33

Can't wait to give close friend her present. She's on mn so don't want to go into details, just in case. But, a lot of thought went into the present. And I know she will absolutely love it. I'm also hand making some presents this year and super excited about those too. I love Christmas.

ChippyMinton Sat 22-Nov-14 08:22:51

DS1 has been asking for a Pokemon Pikachu onesie for about 3 years. I've ordered one, which hopefully will arrive in time for xmas smile

Tykeisagirl Sat 22-Nov-14 08:28:18

I can't wait to give DD her cuddly Chaffy. It's a character from a find it book, think Where's Wally but cuter, and she's desperate for one but you can't buy them. I've had someone on Etsy make one for me and I'm going to put it in her stocking as it's the only thing she's asked Santa for.

RoundRobinSparkles Sat 22-Nov-14 08:34:28

DD1 asked for a Razors Crazy Cart for Christmas. We told her no as it was far too expensive so she chose something else. We have actually managed to buy her one so she's going to be delighted on Christmas morning!

DD2 put a £12 till from Tesco on her list but we've got her an actual shop with a till and shelves to stock everything on. She's going to be so excited.

I can't wait!

fuzzpig Sat 22-Nov-14 08:40:59

I've lots still left to buy but from what I've already purchased, probably Roald Dahl top trumps for DD! Got them used (but complete and excellent condition) off eBay. She got her first top trumps last year (Monsters University) and she loves them, I think it will become a regular stocking filler. I've got DS The Incredibles set (also eBay) which is really cool too.

fuzzpig Sat 22-Nov-14 08:46:23

Oh and also a Wentworth jigsaw puzzle. We were given one last year and they are really amazing. here

I was over the moon when we were on a day out and saw an exclusive one in their gift shop - it'll be a great reminder of the trip. Not sure if I'll wrap it as a family present, or if the elves will deliver it with the Xmas eve jammies so we can all do it before bed.

JingleSpud Sat 22-Nov-14 08:47:53

Oh god i cant wait to give loads. Mainly my nieces dolls, DD1's nerf gun and disney infinity, and DD2's snow glow elsa and new pram

elQuintoConyo Sat 22-Nov-14 08:47:54

DS turns 3 just before Christmas, we have got him a bike. He is going to be beside himself! Friends and family are buying the bits (helmet, water bottle, badket, tassles etc) and he can now go cycling with his same-age cousin smile

JingleSpud Sat 22-Nov-14 08:48:07

Oh and DH's batman watch

Pixa Sat 22-Nov-14 08:51:09

We went to the Maldives recently and saw a guy use chocolatiers tools to make fab ice cream. DH has wanted to have a go at doing it so I have bought him the tools. Cannot wait. grin

a2011x Sat 22-Nov-14 08:55:31

I got my daughter a panda android kids tablet smile can't wait !

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