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gift for DSs GF?

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roundafewblocks Fri 21-Nov-14 14:58:33

I'm clueless here. DS has a Lovely Gf, theyve bn tgthr a year or so, she's alot older than him, (30ish?) clever, pretty, independent, ambitious, everything youd want your son to have in a Gf. Dno what she sees in him! (joke). What can I give her for Xmas which won't look too impersonal or too personal or just wrong? I'd like to buy her sth she will like, and also that will say how happy I am that she's in DSs life.

SouthernOne Fri 21-Nov-14 15:01:55

Depends on how much you'd like to spend

I bought my niece the large soap and glory set when it was on offer in Boots, think it's usually around the £25 mark

roundafewblocks Fri 21-Nov-14 15:04:58

About £20 I think. Its a bit more than I would spend usually but she's so nice and they seem so happy tgthr. I invited her for Xmas but she can't come but will come to stay with DS after for a day or 2.

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