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Show me cufflinks! (please)

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mabelbabel Thu 20-Nov-14 10:34:48

I have around �30 to spend on a pair of cufflinks. Possibly a bit more for something amazing.
I'm considering these:
Or these:
But actually these ones would perfect, if they weren't so expensive:

Any suggestions, oh wise Christmas-shoppers??

ilovepowerhoop Thu 20-Nov-14 11:38:47

tm lewin do some nice ones. Most of dh's have come from there

ladymariner Thu 20-Nov-14 13:49:01

I got dh the Poppy cuff links on the British Legion website which are absolutely beautiful....dearer at £79.99 but every penny goes to the Legion. They are made of brass from the shellcases collected from the WW1 battlefields, melted down and made into these beautiful cuff links. They come in a presentation box and with a certificate of authenticity. I'm thrilled to bits with them x

CoffeeChocolateWine Thu 20-Nov-14 20:19:51

For a £30 budget, I reckon TM Lewin would be a good place to look. If you can stretch to about £50, take a look at the Simon Carter range. I think they are are beautiful and really stylish. I've DH a couple of pairs in the past and a tie clip and they are still my favourite.

mabelbabel Sat 22-Nov-14 07:58:30

Ooh there are some Simon carter ones on tk maxx website. I'm not fond of all of them but there's a couple of nice ones, and I like the john Lewis 150 years ones as well.

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