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Electric cars - rubbish?!

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honeyistoosweet Wed 19-Nov-14 21:48:32

Has anyone had one of these type cars for their toddlers?

Are they actually any good?

Son's grandparents want to spend the just skeptical it's worth it?


Thanks in advance!

honeyistoosweet Wed 19-Nov-14 22:46:48


KittyMcVitie Thu 20-Nov-14 10:44:02

My friend's lo had one at 18 months and was terrified of it! It was too big for the house and just sat in the garage. But I also know some 2 year olds who had the little electric trikes and loved them as they could ride them without any help.

NorksEnormous Thu 20-Nov-14 11:33:27

I think you need to consider where about he is going to use it. If you have a huge garden the it would probably get used, if your garden is small then is there a big bit of flat land nearby you can take him to use it? My experience with them is that the novelty very quickly wears off though.

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